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Modern Designer Clothing for Men — Play by Your Own Rules

Fashion is a tool of art for self-discovery, self-expression, and self-realization. One feels liberated through fashion. Mixing and matching unique outfits help an individual to speak to people around without verbal communication. Certain colors, styles, sizes, garments, and types of sewing can represent your mood, idea, and identity on a particular day. This means playing by your own rules instead of following the crowd. Now, when mainstream clothes for men are sold in every shop in the USA, it’s important to find the right online shopping store which will offer mens handmade designer clothing that is modern, stylish, strong, and independent. If you are looking for this kind of clothing that will help you to set up and follow your own rules, read on.

How Did the Men's Clothes Evolve Throughout the Decades?

Fashion has been prominent since the start of civilization. Previously intended to defend, protect, and cover, it has turned into a whole system that may display rank and riches, social position, employment, and more. In a world where prehistoric beasts roamed the earth and wilderness ripped winds, snow and plunged on the paleolithic nomads, scavenging for food and shelf, skins of animals, leaves of trees, and fibers of nature were used to produce clothes and footwear to help people protect themselves. Experts think at this time that mode was explicitly functional and had nothing to do with the idea of an outfit or any kind of looks. Although some historians argue that the clan chiefs would save the best hides, it is thought that this was because of a purely tough environment and terrain.

However, centuries later, at some point in history, American fashion found its way to England with the development of the car and its new capacity to travel. The special jacket or smoking came with it. While traditionalists liked tailcoats and morning coats, a newer, more contemporary generation came out of the timberwork and prepared themselves for the jazz age and 20th centuries of roaring. The tailcoat, first-reserved as the obligatory dress for the night, was soon formally clothed at night. A jacket for informal trips became popular, which was simpler with the vehicle. Now that a gentleman cared and prioritized the creative approach to fashion aside from the feeling of comfort.

Soon America became the center of mens clothes fashion industry. Though a lot of inspiration for men’s designer clothes was still from England, Italy, and France, people who built the designs concentrated on the notion of what was in the American interest. The globe adopted contemporary luxuries and comforts. The hunting coats quickly became business jackets for the rural gentleman’s clothing. The songs were the night jacket, but now the suit was the day jacket. As America took on advertising and rolled during the 1950s, it was falling in love with the concept that men no longer were living for working but that a man was working to live.

Different Styling Techniques for Men

The trend of utilities has been going on for several seasons now, as the fixation with safari jackets in spring and summer this year indicates clearly. The style is now upgraded with more of a “high function” all-around look in this season. These looks usually tend to be minimalist. If you are into minimalism, you can style your outfit with deconstructed pieces that can be found on MDNT:45’s clothing lines. In addition, bomber jackets were, are, and will be big. The reality is, the iconic aviator jacket during many fashion shows was taken more than we can count on two hands. The look of cleanliness was less maximalist than it was in past seasons from 70s-style jackets to more practical nylon to classical high shine flying jackets and the cropped minimalist bombers. Furthermore, almost every menswear designer worth his thread has submitted a large range of pants. A trendy, late-day style, flush, and drapery will show the customizing ability of the brand. Hence, handmade pieces are to look for. Military style, gothic, or avant-garde pants will define your personality in any season. Overcoats are essential as well. The important thing to wear your own enormous coat is to equip it with unusual accessories, belts, bags, and jewelry. Modern futuristic and gothic clothing for men made in the USA will always help any man to stand out from the crowd. And it can be found on MDNT:45’s website. Lastly, there was a general attitude towards fun and imaginative shirting this season, from traditional poplin designs, which were decorated in voluminous trapezoidal forms. The best approach is to have a declaration shirt, worn alone or over a jacket or a t-shirt. Hence, festival-style shirts can be worn on days when you want to get out of the routine and mundane rhythm of metropolis life.

Shop for American Made Futuristic Branded Clothes for Men Online — MDNT:45

Do you want to buy cyberpunk brand-name fashion clothes for men online in the US from the convenience of your home? Enjoy your online shopping on our website — our catalog full of mens cyberpunk designer clothes, where each piece of men's clothing is unique, is waiting for you. MDNT:45 is the US brand that makes luxury and handmade fashion men’s clothes of different styles, ranging from gothic, futuristic, and festival clothing for men to mens grunge and modern fashionable style one.

However, you might wonder why MDNT:45. What makes this brand better than many others? To begin with and to clarify the brand’s vision and concept, we must tell that MDNT:45 stands for “midnight”. MIdnight is the time of the day where uncertainty lays ahead of us. However, MDNT:45 calls for courageous and creative individuals to take a step forward, and face the unpredictable events that are often exciting and exhilarating. MDNT:45, therefore, values individuality and detail. It is about handmade clothing with hand-picked fabrics. Important to note, that this guarantees the well-needed feeling of comfort and protection.

Each clothing piece that you can buy online in our store after examining our catalog is made in a delicate way to help a man to represent the true colors of himself. Only this way, one can go beyond the conventional “rules” and needs, and create his own rules. MDNT:45’s vision is helping customers to find and set up their own rules instead of following the mainstream and the crowd without, however, breaking societal rules or causing provocative actions.

Types and Styles of Men Clothing that MDNT:45 Offers to Buy Online

On our website, every man can find various American clothing collections and catalogs, such as Carpe Diem, Promenader, Street Outfit, Bestsellers, Homewear, and Couple’s Look — each line of mens sustainable branded clothes that one can buy online not only in the USA but all over the world represents a certain idea and particular season’s mood and trends. All different pieces of clothing can be found as well: tops, bottoms, and overcoats.

Clothes’ general style is on the verge of many styles that are grunge, avant-garde, minimalism, cyberpunk, and dark fashion. They are often made through mixing deconstructed pieces, materials, and garments. Most importantly, MDNT:45 designs sustainable clothing. Environmental awareness of any brand demonstrates its responsibility. Hence, with MDNT:45 anyone can find the most unique, handmade, luxury, and sustainable American-made pieces of clothing for men of different ranging styles (cyberpunk, grunge, gothic). These modern designer clothes will help every man to express what’s within and will look organic in the environment that surrounds us, so don’t waste your time and shop online for men’s gothic and futuristic sustainable clothing now on

MDNT:45 — We Ship Worldwide

Here every man can buy mens clothes for everyday life — it doesn't matter where do you live if you want to buy a piece of clothing because online shopping doesn't have borders and we have worldwide delivery as many other websites. If you have any questions concerning size selection, delivery process, or any other one, chat with our manager on our webpage. You will always get many compliments if you wear our designers clothes for men!