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17 products

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Men's Bottoms — Express Yourself with MDNT:45

Nowadays fashion is no more an obligation to play by certain rules and follow the crowd. It is a way to express one’s thoughts, ideas, current mood, and attitude to life. It’s great that every man can wear those types of clothing that he likes and those colors which he prefers. No more rules and total freedom! But is it easy to find a brand that offers stylish designer clothing? No! Big online and offline stores propose only mainstream clothes and never offer something unique and special. So, if you want to buy handmade bottoms for men you must search a store or a webpage with creative items. If you are just looking for such apparel, read on.

Distinctive Features of Men’s Cyberpunk Bottoms

MDNT:45 is a unique brand that makes clothes for those who are not afraid to express their thoughts, wishes, and emotions. We try to help everyone to speak with other people non-verbally, by wearing special garments only. We sew clothes that can represent your mood and ideas on a particular day. Just mix your things to show your today’s attitude to life and others. At MDNT:45 we use the best natural and artificial fabrics so that you feel great on every occasion and despite any weather, temperature and season. Our favorite colors are black and white. And our beloved styles are:

  • gothic;
  • cyberpunk;
  • grunge.

We often use linen and cotton fabrics. The main characteristics of our garments are deconstruction, comfort, protection, style, minimalism, avant-garde, dark fashion. If talking about types of clothes, we must say that on our website a man can buy such bottoms as shorts, pants, and jumpsuits.

How to Buy Men's Bottoms in MDNT:45 Online Store

Nothing is easier than to shop online on On our website, you can buy uncasual handmade bottoms for creative individuals which live their best lives. In most cases, such clothes are made by mixing different trends, styles, forms, fabrics, details, etc. To order any item just add it to the cart and follow the instructions. MDNT:45 ships worldwide. Thus, it doesn't matter wherever you live, you can order our uncasual apparel and we shall send a parcel to Canada, South America, European countries, Africa, Asia, or Australia. In case of any questions concerning garments' sizing, ordering process, shipping costs do not hesitate to contact our manager. We are online and are ready to help you. Shop on easily!