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    19 products

    19 products

    MDNT45 Men pants Stroma
    Men pants Stroma
    MDNT45 Men Pants Stroma
    Men Pants Stroma
    MDNT45 Pants Men's cotton pants
    Men's cotton pants
    MDNT45 Men pants Hard
    Men pants Hard
    MDNT45 Men Pants Hard
    Men Pants Hard
    MDNT45 Pants Men's harem pants
    Men's harem pants
    MDNT45 Supesu Pants Black
    Supesu Pants Black
    MDNT45 A0426 White
    Supesu Pants White
    MDNT45 Pants Hagane
    Pants Hagane


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    How Pants for Men Got into Fashion?

    As surprising as it may sound, at the very beginning of their history, men generally lived without trousers. Primitive man insulated himself with the skins of killed mammoths, and the population of ancient tribes in hot countries used loincloths that looked more like aprons or skirts than pants.

    In Persia, men took the first step towards making this garment more comfortable for walking and riding. A little later, the innovation was appreciated and they began to sew skirts in such a way that they could be gathered around the ankles like trousers, which became the new stylish pant for a man.

    In the XII century, the Byzantine emperor announced the “dress code” of his army, which was ordered to change tunics to trousers. Since then, this garment has become a symbol of a brave and courageous legionnaire, with whose image a real man is associated.

    The intensive development of the light industry at the end of the 19th century led to an increase in the number of textile manufacturers that began mass production of clothing. At this time, a universal model of trousers has appeared, which we can name the progenitor of modern mens brand pants.

    What Inspired Almost Every Modern Designer for Making Mens Branded Pants?

    Unlike the name, the appearance of the trousers has changed many times. Their details, styles, fabrics, as well as width, and length of legs changed, but the main purpose of this type of cloth remained unchanged. Today, everyone can choose trousers in accordance with their taste preferences and body characteristics. For young people and men with a sporty figure, a narrowed and slightly shortened version of trousers is suitable. Older men should pay attention to trousers of traditional length and looser cut.

    One can name thousand brand names that make designer pants for men. Their variety is so great that you can find both modern branded urban pants for men and more unusual ones, for example, grunge punk and gothic pants.

    Fashion for mens urban pants will be with us for a long time. Modern men, especially those who are not tied to office work, prefer models that are far from classic because:

    • they do not restrict movement and are universal for any event in life;

    • they look simple but simultaneously chic and modern.

    In addition, with the development of online shopping, fashionable punk grunge or luxury mens pants have become more affordable and everyone can experiment and choose the best options for themselves. Even if you have never worn stylish gothic mens pants, it’s time to take a chance and enjoy the uniqueness of such things, especially since there is a brand that perfectly copes with such designs and offers a wide selection of fashionable pants for men online.

    MDNT:45 from Gothic to Fashion Urban Pants for a Man Online

    MDNT:45 is a young brand that has managed to become unique due to its philosophy, individuality and high quality. Each piece created by MDNT:45 carries a part of fashion history, but at the same time, every item is ultra-modern and unusual. The main goal of the brand is to reveal the real you: free, versatile, strong, and sexy. Take a different look at the world around you and build your own!

    The brand’s website features an incredible collection of men’s trousers that will impress you. It shows the influence of many cultures, so everyone can choose what will best emphasize his individuality. From men's punk pants to more classic ones — don’t be afraid to experiment and bring casual style into your everyday life.