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6 products

6 products

MDNT45 Black Allure dress
Black Allure dress
MDNT45 Black Pastime pants
Black Pastime pants

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Every night we see the moonlight. But can we truly say that what we see is the moon? After all, it has two sides, and one is always hidden in the shadows

Human nature resembles the moon —it’s just as much a source of light and self-discovery. The deeper the shadow the clearer the light. Do we know ourselves? Only when we accept all our sides. 

When we nourish our light. And let our shadow walk freely from time to time. 

The drop is dedicated to the freedom of being yourself — with dark and light sides. The models are presented in two colors reflecting the contrast of the human essence. Lightweight fabrics convey airiness while transparent textures — relaxedness and openness to the world and oneself.

The moon is not just what you see. And your moon is everything you feel.