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123 products

123 products

MDNT45 Usui Longsleeve
Usui Longsleeve
MDNT45 Vento cardigan
Vento cardigan
MDNT45 Hebi leggings
Hebi leggings
MDNT45 Women pants Lofio
Women pants Lofio
MDNT45 Ruler top
Ruler top
MDNT45 Asymmetric Dress
Asymmetric Dress
MDNT45 Minx Skirt
Minx Skirt
MDNT45 Black Allure dress
Black Allure dress
MDNT45 Higure jumpsuit
Higure jumpsuit
MDNT45 Black Pastime pants
Black Pastime pants
MDNT45 Black Source Vest
Black Source Vest
MDNT45 Mesh black dress
Mesh black dress
MDNT45 Jiandan top
Jiandan top
MDNT45 Margin v-cut shorts
Margin v-cut shorts
MDNT45 One size / Black Sotaru wild cardigan
Sotaru wild cardigan
MDNT45 One size / Black Buntglas bag black
Buntglas bag black
MDNT45 Baem top
Baem top
MDNT45 Hana Corset
Hana Corset
MDNT45 Tsubomi Cape Black
Linen wrap jacket
MDNT45 Black Nigh Bolero
Black Night Bolero
MDNT45 Pantteri cut-out top
Pantteri cut-out top


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Fashionable Luxury Women Clothing — Feel the Strength and Independence

Are you looking for luxury clothes for women that will make you feel strong and independent? Although there are so many styles of clothes, fashion catalogs and shops available, oftentimes it’s easy for a woman to feel lost while choosing her preferable modern luxury clothing brand, designer store, or online site, that's why shopping for a lady can become a real trial. Read on to find out more about the best clothing lines for women.

Why Should I Pay Attention to Designer Branded Clothing for Women?

Nowadays, it’s well-known that the fashion industry expanded greatly. From season to season, designer brands host runway shows, and almost each of them introduces its brand-new clothing line. More than that, however, there are as well tons of shopping sites, apparel, small fashion vintage stores, and retailers who sell womens modern brand clothes that are easily accessible and available. It might seem for many that we live in a century of a great variety of garments. Nonetheless, more and more stores and brands tend to repeat their clothing lines or mainstream trends. One may, therefore, declare that modern fashion designers are losing the sense of individuality with the mass production of womens brand clothes for billions of women all over the world.

From this, it can be confidently stated that for someone who values the unique sense of individuality and self-expression, it’s significant to shop in an offline clothing store or on an online website for women's modern handmade gothic and festival fashion designer clothes. Hand-picked garments that guarantee top-quality and the feeling of comfort, various styles that are commonly not worn by many, and unique techniques of sewing can not only help one to stand out from the crowd but, also, to self-discovery. This is because fashion is a great tool for the formation and discovery of identity. We often feel that styling and outfits differ from day to day based on the mood or based on what one has to say on that particular day. This demonstrates that, at the end of the day, what you wear speaks to you, through you, and about you.

What Can I Wear to Stand Out?

Standing out and being unique is not equivalent to breaking the societal rules or being provocative. This is not the goal. The goal is to value what’s within. Whatever you think an item that represents your character will look the best on you. Only this way, when clothing style matches with one’s inner world and values, one feels confident. However, you might wonder what exactly, for instance, can help to feel this way?

There are various styles that can help you with that. Some of the styles that immediately make one feel sexy, independent, free, and strong are gothic, grunge, avant-garde, cyberpunk, and dark fashion.

  • Grunge clothing for women finds its roots in the United States during the beginning of the 1990s. Due to the financial difficulties of that period, along with the regional rise of alternative rock music that bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam played grunge fashion became famous. The style mixes punk characteristics, such as jeans, and materials that are combined with some basic style clothes.
  • Gothic clothing for women is nearly often the first thing that comes to mind when we think about feeling strong and independent. Womens gothic and grunge clothing is the pillar of the alternative scene. Gothic clothes are considered to be the master of the alternative genre, the darkest and the deepest when it comes to fashion, and you may select from an enormous range of this type of fashion today.
  • The avant-garde clothing for women is for those ladies who see fashion more as an art than as simply wearing clothes. This is because avant-garde is an experimental clothing style that is chosen only by brave individuals. They like to explore forms and proportions. You’ll discover diverse forms, asymmetrical hemlines, and items with lots of volume in the avant-garde style typology wardrobe.
  • In addition, pay attention to menswear-intensive clothes. Women who prefer this style usually have purses and jewelry that are statement-making. However, at the same time, they can keep an elegant balance between different pieces of the outfit.

Where to Shop for Gothic and Festival Womens Clothes Online?

The clothing website for women that you are looking for is MDNT:45 is a charismatic intellectual city mode fashion brand that does not accept limits and sets up its own rules. This is the vision of the future for MDNT:45’s customers as well. It goes beyond what’s usually accepted, yet it does that without complaint and epatage, simply because it’s independent of convention and the opinions of others. MDNT:45 clothing immediately catches attention but simultaneously without any provocation or rule-breaking. MDNT:45 is a moment of unpredictability and unfamiliarity which literally stands for the time of midnight, which allows one to enter into something new. With the courage to express one’s individuality freely, MDNT:45 believes that it is time to be distinct, unusual, luminous, seductive, and autonomous, unlike others. MDNT:45, hence, presents modern clothing for women to feel and be free, flexible, powerful, and seductive. Believe in and construct your own rules and your own environment.

Distinctive Features of MDNT:45

In order to highlight the originality, our brand focuses on bringing the uncasual style to the lives of creative and inspiring individuals across the world. The primary goal is to create an environment, where the individual is valued. That’s why MDNT:45 pays great attention to details and makes branded clothes for women from hand-picked garments and materials. MDNT:45 thinks that the true feeling of strength and independence comes with the discovery of the inner world and desires, and with respect for the individuality of others. Our brand spreads the wearer’s cosmopolitanism and intellect through its clothing lines and catalogs. Clothes are made through the deconstruction of typical shapes and the addition of modern features that, however, do not exceed the extreme. Hence, the clothing always suits the metropolis environment and looks natural and organic. Furthermore, the brand is environmentally aware which is the reason why women’s clothing is always sustainable. This builds the well-needed trust between the brand and our customers as environmental friendliness is a significant responsibility for our company.

MDNT:45’s clothing is at the crossroads of various styles: avant-garde, minimalism, cyberpunk deconstruction, and dark aspects of fashion. These kinds of styles are well-known to make the individual feel strength and independence. Yet, it’s important to note, that MDNT:45’s clothes for women do not go beyond the extreme. Clothes are often made in a minimalist style through deconstructing pieces of garments. One can, for example, find unique asymmetric pieces of clothing or festival clothes for women. At the same time, however, garments are truly unique. On the website, you can find various collections, each with its own concept and idea. There are collections, such as Carpe Diem (the most recent one), Promenader, Spring Capsule, Street Outfit, and Bestsellers. Moreover, if you want to re-create or create a matching couple’s look, it’s possible with MDNT:45.

How to Buy Womens Brand Luxury Clothing Online — Shop for Festival and Gothic Designer Clothes on

All types of clothing for ladies — tops, bottoms, dresses, overcoats, and even homewear — can be found on our website. Online shopping for clothes for women is easy and convenient with MDNT:45. You can enjoy the variety of garments, select styles, and easily order online from the convenience of your home no matter where you are now. Shop online on — have a look at our online clothing catalogue for women that you can see on our website, there every woman will find sustainable gothic or grunge branded designers womens clothes that will help to express her individuality. Online catalogs of modern womens clothes that every woman can find in our online store consist of various types of garments, each catalog presents its own collection or type of clothing for women (tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, trousers, etc.), so after examining all our catalogues every lady will surely find her preferable things.

Main Questions about Online Shopping for Women's Clothing

MDNT:45 ships women's clothes worldwide, so wherever you live you can examine an online catalog you like on our site and go on shopping for different womens fashion clothing. So, if you live in Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, or Asia, you will receive your order within several days. The exact time of delivery you can clarify when chatting with our managers online. They will also help you to find your correct size of women's clothing in any of our catalogue and answer all your other questions concerning our catalogs, for your convenience. Shop with pleasure on!