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    Women's overcoats — outerwear with a rich history and many transformations

    The history of women’s outerwear coats dates back to the 18th century in France, although the word “coat” itself comes from the Spanish word “palletoque”. At the beginning of the 16th century, Spanish peasants wore such loose clothes, reminiscent of a cloak with a hood that did not restrain movement and did not let in the cold. One of these “palletoques” was brought to France as a gift to the trendsetter of those times, Madame Pompadour, the King’s favorite. Having changed the cut, making it more feminine and graceful, she became a debutante, who gave the appearance of a women’s overcoat to the world.

    By the end of the 18th century, overcoat fashion for women had already spread to other European countries and was most widespread in England. The British, famous for their aristocracy and gallantry, gave the stylish overcoats for ladies the most elegant look. Models were most often fitted and resembled suit jackets.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, woman's fashion began to change feverishly. A variety of textiles and textures has appeared. The length of coats bounced from the floor to mid-thigh, the silhouette, fasteners, and styles changed. Very soon, the framework between the female and male style was erased and “unisex” came into fashion, combining colors that are universal for both genders.

    Buying a stylish modern female overcoat is a must for any modern wardrobe

    Today there are a huge number of womens overcoats for young ladies both online and offline. For example, classic, balloon, A-silhouette models, flared at the bottom, asymmetrical, military, high-waisted, and others. All this is thanks to the efforts of world couturiers and numerous experiments with style. To great convenience, ladies overcoat and outerwear online shopping became very popular, which significantly saves time. When you buy stylish modern branded overcoats for women online you make a profitable investment. There are several reasons:

    • a huge number of cut options will help you choose the perfect model for your figure and style;

    • womens overcoats are elements of outerwear that will be appropriate both in spring and in autumn or in winter;

    • a coat is perfect to wear with trousers, dresses, skirts, heels, boots, and sneakers;

    • different shapes are so easy to wear, especially oversized, that you can buy womens overcoat online without any fittings.

    When you go fashion overcoat for women online shopping you need to pay attention to modern models and quality materials.

    MDNT:45— womans overcoat online clothing store that will impress modern fashionistas

    MDNT:45 was created by young enthusiasts who had their own vision of fashion and a great desire to share this vision. Our goal is to create practical, understandable and at the same time stylish clothes with a certain twist. With looks from MDNT:45, you will not go unnoticed. In these clothes it is appropriate to work, relax, go to parties and live a bright, eventful life. If you are searching overcoats for women online, go shopping with us.

    Buying stylish coats from the MDNT:45 brand online store will be a real pleasure. Our website contains many options for models: classic, Asian style, gothic urban overcoat for a woman, as well as other unusual and daring models. The woman’s overcoat cost will undoubtedly be nice considering how many looks you can create with just one coat. MDNT:45 has created unique coat designs, in which you can find elements from different eras, but naturally with a modern twist. Buy winter or spring overcoat online for ladies and enjoy the top quality and attention that it will bring to you. In our clothes you will always get many compliments. So do not waste time and buy unusual items for your wardrobe on our webpage. In case you'll need any help our managers are ready to answer all your questions online.