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SKU: A0159-BLK-0-S

Hooded Jersey Сardigan

AngebotCHF 185.00

We here at MDNT:45 believe that your everyday clothes should be unusual enough to be worn at any special events (i.e. concerts). This cardigan is a bright example of such clothing. It will look stylish in pretty much any situation, from just walking around the city to implementing it in your cosplays. Not to say that you are going to blend in with the crowd in any situation. With its modern, even sci-fi looks, you are guaranteed to turn some heads. And you will be comfortable doing it, as this jacket is made of soft and light cotton jersey fabric. If you want a comfortable piece of clothing that will make you stand out – this is it!

Made in Europe

Hooded Jersey Сardigan
Hooded Jersey Сardigan AngebotCHF 185.00