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About us

Welcome to our world, where fashion trends take a backseat, and individuality takes the wheel

Here, we don't conform to trends, and neither do our clients. We firmly believe in the power of choosing your own lifestyle, unbound by conventional templates. It's about encouraging everyone to reflect on their life, selecting both the way of life and the way you look that resonates with your individuality, irrespective of what's deemed fashionable right this minute.

Just like we have been traveling and moving around the world, learning to experience life in its full spectrum, our clients know that time is a luxury. Life is too short for chasing trends. Yet, the desire to exude style remains unwavering. But we know that style is not equal to fashion. So we try our best to offer clothing that both looks stylish and doesn’t get outdated easily.

Our visuals and garments are more than mere aesthetics – they're an inspiration to take that courageous leap forward. Whatever this leap is for you right now, we want to help you take it.


Design & Inspiration


Order & Law


Quality & Production


Sustainability was a must from the start for us. We didn't want to be a company that just produces tens of thousands of pieces of an item, and then throw out the unsold items, covering the difference with a huge profit margin.

At the same time we didn't want our clients to wait for weeks to get their orders.

So we had to come up with the process that allowed us to produce only the items that were actually ordered, but to do it quicker and more efficiently. We couldn’t do it the way big companies do — using robots and just-in-time management. But we could work together with the amazing people we hired.

That's how we build our made-to-order process.


Every piece of clothing is sustainably handmade with careful attention to every detail.


We use soft and touchable eco-fabric.


Our whole team contributes on making and improving each item and customer feedback plays a big part in further improvements.