Ordering any product at our webstore, you get any mask for free. If you want to order more masks from the bunch, except the gift one – let us know about it in the Order Note.

In relation to the current situation, we decided to do what we can the best - to create high-quality outfits that you won’t throw away after the first wear, but use as long as you need. We do not support hanging out away from home during quarantine, but when it becomes necessary to go shopping or work, we strongly recommend to wear a mask. There is nothing innovative but you all know that these methods work.

Have a look!

What are the advantages of reusable masks?

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Cotton fabric:

• maintains the ease of breathing

• is soft and hypoallergenic

• absorbs liquids well

• is non-impactful on the environment (eco-friendly fabric)

• can be washed, without losing the color

The main peculiarity is inside!

There is an inner pocket for replaceable filters in each cotton accessory. They can be bought separately in pharmacies or made of gauze by yourself.

Pour a drop of essential oil on your piece of gauze for getting an aromatherapy effect (make sure that you are not allergic to aromatic oils first).

Our favorites are:

• Tea tree - has antibacterial and  antiviral properties;

• Eucalyptus - effectively fights against respiratory diseases;

• Lavender - reduces stress and cheers up.

Product Care Tips:

•  It can be washed in a washing machine, at any temperature.

• It is recommended for ironing to enhance the antibacterial effect.

• Dry flattened on the horizontal surface.

All our masks are unisex, so they will fit perfectly into any wardrobe

Dear customers, due to the current situation in the world, our face accessories can be taken as medical attributes. We can’t ship them to Europe as separate items because we don’t want them to be returned by customs authorities. If you are from another country we can send you this practical and trendy accessory as a gift in combination with any order you’ll make at our webstore. Just write a title of the desired model in the order note, while putting an order. Thanks for understanding.

Stay safe.