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STN: Transformations

The new MDNT:45 collection is inspired by the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene and her powers of transformation. She impersonates the fluidity and at the same time the inevitability of the changes of the moon’s phases. 

We created this collection with designs that experience the same powerful yet natural cycle of change and transformation.

The story behind the "Soaring through the night" collection

We presented this collection at our debut show at the Ukrainian Fashion Week in September 2021 in Kyiv. 

Metaphorically, we showed how one could go deep within oneself and find the power for inner psychological change. We charted this path by invoking a guide as a helper - chanting an ancient hymn to Selene, the goddess of wisdom and transformation. At the show, the lunar river made of long flowing fabric symbolized the path a which person takes in this transformative journey.