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Soaring through the Night was presented on our debut show at the autumn Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kyiv. During the performance, we showed metaphorically how a person can go deep into their own identity and find power for inner changes. We laid this path by chanting an ancient hymn to the Moon goddess Selena — the patroness of wisdom and transformation. In the show, the Moon river made of flowing fabric symbolized the path the walker walks. And the dance show  called for the walker  to come before the spectators.

The collection opens with light flowing models that — similar to the moon phases — interchange with more dark ones with distinct silhouettes and forms. The contrast of textures and forms mirrors the eclectic nature of each personality. Meanwhile, the transition from aerial to sharper forms stands for crystallization and the end of transformation in the new state.

We felt the changes were coming. This collection was prepared to be released this spring — the time when nature transforms. The war forced us to postpone the presentation until we would have enough strength for its realization. And now we are happy to come back with new energy and power to continue transforming our new experience. 

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«External circumstances push us to find new inner strength that won’t let us lose ourselves and understand what we want in this new world. In the context of rapid changes of the world around us, we understood how important this idea is».

Co-Founder and Chief Designer


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The modern world is highly dynamic. Never before have the changes been so insanely fast as today!

We interpret clothes as an instrument that can help us try out different moods, try on attitudes and pick those that feel closer now. It is an instrument that can help us feel stronger, sexier, and freer. Because while living through the inner transformation, we are changing inside ourselves. And we change the world around us.

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Essentially, every one of us is a separate, unique, wonderful world. Exploring this world is a fascinating process that leads to unexpected discoveries. Our goal is to learn how to accept them.


Our new silhouettes tell stories about the versatility of the form, freedom and firm basis at the same time, which are necessary for the transformation. We added uniqueness to classics while not replacing it but transforming and inspiring a new life in it. 

Bold treatment and contradiction to canons, open seams that don’t hinder the movements — all these aspects free us from limits. New textures, flowing materials, and contrasting firm lines in silhouettes become a base for something new.

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Listen to your inner voice

— it always knows where to go next.

Follow the new feelings, leave the limitations behind, be different, and discover yourself afresh!