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SKU: A0012-BLK-0-S

Black party dress

AngebotCHF 120.00


Have a fringe moment! An exciting alternative to a little black dress, this maxi fringe dress is for energetic, charismatic souls that will sparkle even brighter and be the glitter of every party. This reworked dress is a piece infused with powerful allure and magnetism with the ability to push boundaries and allow individual expression. Showcasing rich fringe decoration, its fluid design combines form and texture to create an outstanding look. Embellishing sleeves and back of the dress, fringes add the playfulness to a fitted silhouette while you sway to the music. The dress is shaped from the viscose-polyester blend and made for movement, so take it for a spin, and be assured that you will remain comfortable while being irresistible.

Made in Europe