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Our Story

As so many good stories ours starts with a girl. Anatolia loved to create clothing since she was a child. At fourteen she already designed clothing for herself and her friends. For many years it was just a favorite hobby.

Back in 2014 while working at an interior design studio, friends asked her for special looks for their parties. One time she made a mantle for her friend Michael, and he told her, that he liked it so much he was going to just wear it all the time, not just at a party.

After a year of work, doubts and improvements the mantle was ready for prime time, and Anatolia decided to leave her job and go all in on clothing design. She produced a first batch of twelve black coats herself, hoping that she can sell some of them — and they sold out during a weekend on her personal Facebook page.

She discussed it with Michael, and he offered to partner up in creating a small clothing company. MDNT:45 was born.


Design & Inspiration


Order & Law


Quality & Production


Visual & Harmony


World & Connections


Being a small company sustainability was a must from the start. We couldn’t afford to just produce 1000 pieces of an item, and then throw out the unsold items, covering the difference with a huge profit margin. 

At the same time we couldn’t afford to take a week or two to fulfill orders — each client and each order is special to us, and we don’t want to make our clients wait.

So we had to come up with a process that allowed us to produce only the items that were actually ordered, but do it quick. We couldn’t do it the way big companies do — using robots and just-in-time management. But we could use amazing people around us.

So we built a network of people that work from homes or very small private workshops, and organized their work in such a way that allowed us to employ them and still only produce the items ordered. 

This way we are sustainably using raw materials and providing work to people from our community.

With love to DETAILS

Every piece of clothing is sustainably handmade with careful attention to every detail.


We use soft and touchable eco-fabric.


Our whole team contributes on making and improving each item and customer feedback plays a big part in further improvements.