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    5 products

    MDNT45 Pants Sokudo Men Black
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    MDNT45 Eisei Mens Jumpsuit
    Eisei Mens Jumpsuit
    MDNT45 Gaikan Men Black
    Gaikan Men Black

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    Jumpsuit for a Man

    It is considered that equivalents of a mans jumpsuit date back as far as the Medieval ages. At those times such mens onesie costumes were widespread among buffoons, warlocks, and alchemists since this kind of clothing helped to secure one’s body against dangerous tricks. Scientists used to wear mens onesie costumes because it was assumed that they facilitate the better accumulation of magical energy that supports them while conducting chemical experiments. Men's jumpsuit first appeared in the 13th century. At those times aristocrats ordered these costumes for their children.

    The next benchmark of the development of a mens onesie costume is considered to be the middle of the 19th century when America was overwhelmed with the gold rush. Famous manufacturer Levi Strauss invented a solid and hard-to-the-touch costume. The fabric used for it was denim, which made such a onesie for a man not only hard-wearing but convenient as well. After a while, almost all farmers acquired this reliable and comfortable novelty. By virtue of the following features this onesie for men more and more extended among Americans:

    • multiple pockets;

    • casual fit;

    • solid fabric;

    • possibility to wash multiple times.

    In the period between great wars, jumpsuits for men became clothing often worn by pilots. And at the early 1940s, a fashion for a men jumpsuit was permanently assigned in the capacity of a uniform while battles. Military operations one more time proved its convenience in everyday life.

    Jumpsuits for Men Online

    The real peak of popularity of a man city onesie was in the 60s and 70s of the previous century when fashion houses started to exhibit their models wearing jumpsuits. Famous designers Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent invented more and more new combinations including stylish mens jumpsuits that became to be wanted for wearing by men and women all over the world. Today’s world must be grateful to Gerard and Patrick Pariente who made a real revolution in the world of jumpsuits creating Naf Naf. Their patterns launched the beginning of a new era for onesies when mens one-piece jumpsuit created by a fashion designer became a nonfungible thing in wardrobes of many men.

    MDNT:45 — The New Brand

    MDNT:45 can be called a one-of-a-kind fashion designer that makes stylish mens jumpsuits in its own original way as well as the rest articles. This brand is created for those who are brave enough to go beyond the generally accepted rules and simultaneously shrewd enough not to brag in a provocative way. Choosing MDNT:45 makes you live in the future today. This style stresses the importance of a personality with his values where happiness is one of them. MDNT:45 is chosen by those who prefer to be bright, independent, different, sexy, and unique but without epatage or bragging. All clothes made here are created in a combination of some styles like avant-garde, minimalism, dark fashion elements, and deconstruction cyberpunk. Deconstructing familiar forms and using futuristic elements MDNT:45 expresses intelligence and cosmopolitism without draining focus away from a wearer. Be brave enough to enter the world of freedom!