Processing & Shipping

Processing time

The time we need to prepare an order for shipping varies from 5 to 12 business days. Some items have already been produced and are ready for shipment. The order processing time is 1-3 business days for these items. You can find information about these products on the product pages or use the filter "Ready to ship" on the product listings pages.

Free shipping on all orders over $399

We are constantly updating delivery dates according to the current conditions and working on shortening this time. Current orders are shipped by a regular delivery service. As soon as other options become available, we will let you know.

We are currently distributing our production team. Those who can and are ready to work in Kyiv are resuming our main studio. Those who temporarily leave the country will soon continue to create manufacturing in Poland along with local professionals. Thus, our delivery time could vary due to the production location and shipping carriers' possibilities. Shipping costs depends on your order total weight. Here is the list of estimated shipping time and minimum cost:

United States:
3-21 days, starts from $5.83.

3-21 days, starts from $5.83.

3-21 days, starts from $9.83.

Australia/Japan/New Zealand: 
3-21 days, starts from $33.75.

Middle East: 
3-21 days, starts from $33.75.

3-21 days, starts from $41.83.

Asia Pacific:
3-21 days, starts from $41.83.

Latin America and the Caribbean:
3-21 days, starts from $41.83.

Sub-Saharan Africa:
3-21 days, starts from $41.83.