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Processing & Shipping

Processing time

The time we need to prepare an order for shipping varies from 3 to 10 business days.

Free shipping on all orders over $119

Due to the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, we've relocated our production facilities to Poland. This guarantees delivery of our products, but there still may be variations in delivery time due to distance. The shipping cost for orders under $119 depends on the total weight. Shipping costs depends on your order total weight. Below, you will find a list of estimated shipping times along with the corresponding minimum costs:

United States:
2-6 days, starts from $5.83.

2-5 days, starts from $5.83.

2-6 days, starts from $9.83.

Australia/Japan/New Zealand: 
5-14 days, starts from $33.75.

Middle East: 
2-7 days, starts from $33.75.

5-14 days, starts from $41.83.

Asia Pacific:
5-14 days, starts from $41.83.

Latin America and the Caribbean:
5-14 days, starts from $41.83.

Sub-Saharan Africa:
5-14 days, starts from $41.83.