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Cosplay black hood

AngebotCHF 157.00

This model is available in one universal size:

Length - 50 cm / 19.6""
Width - 47 cm / 18.5""
This item is a perfect way to keep yourself warm in a city environment. We are not entirely sure what to call this product – it’s a combination of a scarf and a hood. But we are sure that it manages to substitute both! This hooded scarf is very practical, keeping both your neck and your head warm. It is very stylish as well! It has a very unique and minimalistic design, which is just perfect for urban environment. If you need a way to keep yourself warm without sacrificing your personal style – this is a worth option!

Made in Europe

MDNT45 Scarfs & Snoods One size / Black Cosplay black hood
Cosplay black hood AngebotCHF 157.00