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Gothic hooded cowl scarf

Angebot€157,95 EUR

This model is available in one universal size:

Length - 50 cm / 19.6""
Width - 47 cm / 18.5""
This item is... well, whatever you like to call it! It’s a kind of combination between a scarf, a hood and a snood. We might not be sure what to call it, but we are certain that this is a great item. It is perfect for keeping you warm, because as we said, it combines a hood, a scarf, and a snood – things made to keep you warm! And it can help you enhance your style while doing it! This scarf has a truly unique design. It is minimalistic, but not in a boring sense. So if you are looking for a way to keep warm and stylish – this is it!

Made in Europe

MDNT45 Scarfs & Snoods One size / Black Gothic hooded cowl scarf
Gothic hooded cowl scarf Angebot€157,95 EUR