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MDNT:45 decrypts midnight45, which means time after midnight – 00:45. The time to meet a new day, discover and manifest your inner self – unique, bright, and sexy
– to be un:casual.
The synergy of professionals working together while co-create in the pre-production phase and providing careful attention to every detail in the handmade production phase ends in the high-quality final item that will please the owner for a long time.
37 products

37 products

MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Woman Unisex hooded cloak
Women's hooded cloak
MDNT45 Women's Bottoms Black midi skirt
Black midi skirt
MDNT45 Women's Bottoms Garter leggings
Garter leggings
MDNT45 Gloves Yukanna
Gloves Yukanna
MDNT45 Satellite jumpsuit
Satellite jumpsuit
MDNT45 Dresses T-shirt mini dress
T-shirt mini dress
MDNT45 Bolero Aales
Bolero Aales
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Woman Khaki Hooded Jacket
Khaki Hooded Jacket
MDNT45 Black hooded dress
Black hooded dress
MDNT45 Verum Jacket
Verum Jacket
MDNT45 Lacing corset
Lacing corset
MDNT45 Sweaters, Tunics & Tops Black turtleneck top
Black turtleneck top
MDNT45 Aku gaki Coat
Aku gaki Coat
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Black hooded coat
Black hooded coat
MDNT45 Pants Men's cotton pants
Men's cotton pants
MDNT45 Hogo Coat
Hogo Coat
MDNT45 Pants Men's casual pants
Men's casual pants
MDNT45 Eisei Mens Jumpsuit
Eisei Mens Jumpsuit
MDNT45 Reberu jacket Black
Reberu jacket Black