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    Designers Pants for Females

    The origin of pants for a woman came from the notion of a “double skirt”. Let’s list some curious facts about women s pants:

    • The first pants for a female were found in China. They appeared about 30 centuries ago.

    • Wearing women's pants in ancient Rome was forbidden and those who broke this law were severely punished.

    • Pant for a woman on Eastland appeared in the form of baggy trousers that were worn only under clothes.

    • In Europe initially women pant was meant as underwear that was called pantaloons. The title they acquired was due to a character from the Italian comedy Pantaleone who was wearing narrow pants.

    Interesting Facts about Designer Pants for Women

    The first woman who publicly suggested changing redundant skirts, dresses, and stockings for womens pant was Amelia Bloomer. And due to the famous Gabriele Bonheur Chanel, who made a massive impact on fashion development, pants for women became an integral feature of women’s stock of clothes. Also, a great influence on the renown of sustainable pants was made by actresses in movies and theatres. Sarah Bernhardt regularly appeared on stages of theatres dressed in stylish handmade pants for women. Marlene Dietrich had been wearing this type of clothing not only on a stage but in everyday life as well. In 1930 in the movie “Morocco” Marlene appeared in the character of a man wearing a smoking and branded pants that brought about many disputes in society. After a while, she was often dressed in elegant designer pants for ladies from well-known Chanel.

    If you intend to buy online urban womens pants please note that in 1965 there were made more models of this type of clothing than petticoats. And the appearance of new styles, for example, hippie, allowed women to choose the more appropriate designs for themselves. In 1966 a great collection of Yves Saint-Laurent caused a great dispute in the community since he was the one who made even man and woman fashion. After the performance of his collection, practically all girls started to wear womens designer pants with great pleasure and inspiration despite such kind of clothing was prohibited in every educational institution.

    Also, the French designer Paul Poiret made an enormous contribution to fashion. Due to him there appeared a “Confusios raincoat”, that is a form-fitting tunic, and of course pants-skirt. But since such novelty touched off a storm only a few brave representatives of the softer sex were daring to put in on. As time went on such clothes were appreciated by a society that gave women some more freedom to wear pants-skirt.

    And the decisive contribution to the world of vogue was the creation of costumes for business ladies from Giorgio Armani. Pants suit created by him up to nowadays is considered to be the sign of a prosperous business lady. From those times modern pants for women were not thought of as something disgraceful.

    Website Where You Amy Buy Modern Pants for Ladies

    MDNT:45 is one of the best websites where you may buy online yoga, asymmetric and post-apocalyptic pants for women. It is created to emphasize your individuality. The main aim of MDN:45 is to introduce the world of the future today. The substantial value of this future world is a person and one’s own happiness and that’s what MDNT:45 is eager to bring into life. We know that it is achieved by means of discovery of one’s inner world and hidden desires and at the same time showing your respect to other’s uniqueness. Stay with MDNT:45 and feel the future today!