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About Us

MDNT:45 Ideology

MDNT:45 it is an exact time 00:45 (Midnight: 45) The time of new beginning. The time when you can start creating your unique look, express your individuality, become different from others.

  • We aim to unite those people who change the world with the power of uniqueness being armed with creative style vision.
  • We believe that every human is unique and the only way to prove it is to create beautiful things.
  • We believe that every person is free to express what lies inside.

Style of MDNT:45 apparel helps to feel strong, to reveal sexuality, to form elegance, and to unleash creativity in modern city life.

MDNT:45 Clothing

Being born in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine, MDNT:45 grew up in extremely different climate conditions where the issue of comfort clothing is highly important. That is why we deeply care about the materials. Every season collection is made of most comfortable, touch pleasant and body friendly fabrics.

MDNT:45 designers team is the basis of our ideology. They are the people who freely express their vision. That is why every item is unique and charged with character and creativity.

Every piece of clothing is handmade with careful attention to every detail which guarantees long time wearability and high quality of apparel.

MDNT:45 Advantages

  • Unique out of mass-market style
  • Body pleasant and comfortable fabrics
  • Handmade quality
  • Longtime wearable apparel
  • Individual care about every item

MDNT:45 Team

We are a group of people united by the will to create unusual and beautiful things.  Designing, producing and promoting our clothing we make surrounding to look and to feel better. We love our customers and always care about comfort in clothing as well as communication one can freely contact us with any proposition or a question.

Our clothing has already found the place in the hearts of people from around the world. What if you are about to join the community of our good-looking uncasual people just now?