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Our philosophy

MDNT:45 – is a Ukrainian concept clothing brand founded in 2016.

MDNT:45 decrypts midnight45, which means time after midnight 00:45. The time to meet a new day, discover and manifest your inner self unique, bright, and sexy to be un:casual.


One kind of special occasion people pick up unique MDNT:45 looks for is parties and festivals a place with no time where everyone’s aspirations happen remarkably. We are into futuristic motives, and since we started out creating looks for such occasions, we began to figure out how to bring this style into everyday life. 

What is important to us

Our main aim is to create the world of the future today, where the essential value is a person’s happiness. We believe that it comes with discovering one’s inner world and desires, with the opportunity to be free and versatile. Our style encourages people to expose their strength and take a different look at the usual living standards. To make the aspirations happen!