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Refunds & Returns

We reckon that you’ll look stunning in our clothes, but if something doesn’t work out – don’t worry, you can easily request a return. We’ll gladly accept your items if they are both unworn and unwashed. It’s possible within a 30-days window from the day you received it. We would highly appreciate you keeping the tags intact and saving the original packaging.

To proceed with a return, you simply need to click on the “Request a return” button on the right and follow the automated process steps. Please, do not send your items without submitting your return request prior to that. If you have any questions – feel free to reach us via the channel you find convenient.


Below are all the available options when you make a return:

  • Exchange for another size or another variant of the same item. This is one of the fastest ways to proceed with your return. We start producing a replacement once you ship the returning article and provide us with the tracking number. We’ll send the replacement once it’s ready, regardless of the returning package status.
  • Shop now with your store credit. Use the sum you have from your return to choose anything you like more. Receive a gift card with a redundant sum or pay up if required. Same as above, we do our part once you provide the tracking number for the returning item. Fast and convenient.
  • Return for Gift Card (Store Credit). If you didn’t find anything interesting in exchange for your returning item – don’t worry. You’re still able to resolve your return rapidly. Once you provide us with the tracking number of your returning parcel, we’ll send a personal Gift Card to your email address within 48 hours. You’ll be able to use it later once you decide so. Fast and secure.
  • Return for Refund. This option doesn’t provide you with any perks and does take the biggest amount of time. Refunds are processed within 60 days from the moment we receive your parcel at the address we provide you with. The address depends on your location and is sent to your email once you submit your return request. Please, pay attention that the refund process may be protracted due to delivery issues along the way.

Please, note! It is a must to use a trackable parcel service. If you don’t provide us with the tracking number for the returning package – we don’t guarantee that it will be delivered to us and, therefore, exchange or refund won’t be processed.

Returns are not free. If you decide to return your clothes, you'll need to pay the shipping costs. However, we fully cover the new delivery if you're making an exchange, and we deal with all expenses in cases where the fault is on us. If you think that things didn't work out due to our mistake — please, let us know at

There are certain situations where only a partial refund is applicable. For example, if you returned only part of the item or sent a damaged one (whereas it wasn’t defective in the first place). To make a final decision in a controversial case, we need to inspect the parcel upon arrival in Poland.

Once we receive and inspect your return, we will inform you of our decision regarding the reimbursement. If everything’s okay, we’ll gladly provide compensation for you. Please, note: we reserve the right to offer you a couple of alternative options before confirming the refund.

MDNT:45 does not offer the try-on program. Therefore, if you decide to purchase several sizes of the same product, you will still need to cover the return shipping costs.

Our company is not responsible for any damage or loss that happened to your parcel on its way back. We also don’t guarantee that your package will be delivered to us as this process depends entirely on the shipping carrier.

It also goes without saying that shipping costs are non-refundable. But don’t worry: thanks to our partnership with worldwide postal services, the prices for our customers are significantly lower.

From time to time, we offer special deals which include gifts. Those are offered as an addition to your main order. In some cases, you’ll need to return the gifts. Depending on the return reason of your main items (everything except the gifts) and your intentions, the answer varies as follows:

  • If you’re returning the main items for replacement (exchange), then you can keep the gifts.
  • If you’re returning most of the items for store credit or refund because you didn’t like the way they looked or didn’t fit, you will also need to include the gifts in your parcel. Such situations are to be discussed separately.
  • If you’re returning the main items due to a mistake from our side, then you can keep the gifts. Please, make sure to discuss the matter with our Customer Care Managers before making a decision.

Please, note:

  • Faceshield masks and custom-made items are non-returnable in all cases.
  • If the gift is the only item that you didn’t like or it didn’t fit, unfortunately, you cannot return it.

There are cases when a refund is issued but is not yet displayed on your bank account. In case you find yourself in such a situation, please, double-check your cash account. If you didn’t find anything, please, contact your credit card company and bank to ensure they don’t hold the reverse transaction. If you’ve done all of the above and the money is still not there – contact us at