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Restoring the work

Have you ever been afraid to take the next step in your life? Think back to when it was. It might have been one of the scariest moments. You might have severe doubts about it; the uncertainty might have hurt you. It freaks out, and many give up.

And at this very moment, you can feel that you no longer want things to stay as before. Acting, as usual, is not an option anymore. Here is the moment for the courage to take a step into the unknown.

This uncertainty is likely to lead you to a better understanding of who are the real you. To feel deeper desires and uncover values vital to you. And then give a chance to be free to live according to them, as you secretly wanted all your life.

Bravery shortens the path from doubt to freedom. It accomplishes you to live life to the fullest and brightest. Courage is a must-have to stand up for what's important to you.

We've always been people-centered. We respect the individuality and uniqueness of every human being and encourage one to be braver to follow one's deep desires. The right to self-expression and each one's happiness are our key values.

These values are across everything we do: in each of our pieces, in all inside processes, and in our communications. It is crucial for us that every person working in our company is doing something that they love and fulfill themselves to the fullest in their job. Each piece we produce is made specifically for the client who bought it, and we believe that with this very personal and very humane approach to each order, we manage to deliver a small part of our values to each client.

For almost two months now, we have been facing an increased aggressive intent on the part of a neighboring country to destroy our world and our values.

Now we feel how each one of the team, every Ukrainian, and worldwide supporters are intensely close to this values. All of us are ready to defend them.

We've realized that bravery is in our blood - we don't accept the fear and have no doubts about getting what we want

We're proud MDNT45 was born in Ukraine.

The most meaningful thing we could do now as a company is to continue to support our team members, their families, and the economy. We are going through a very tough path of transformation and recovery of our business to keep creating and functioning. We strive to ensure that our clients enjoy and become inspired by our work to the fullest.

We distribute our production team. Those who can and are ready to work in Kyiv are resuming our main studio. Those who temporarily leave the country will soon continue to create manufacturing in Poland along with local professionals. 

We are motivated by each other, by the brave Ukrainians and worldwide allies, and by you, our inspiring clients.

Thank you for supporting us and showing that freedom and self-expression are valuable with your example.

Together we are braver. Разом ми сміливіше.