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Perfect fit ! Don't let the word Over size fool you!

When I saw this in an online AD I fell in love with it right away! Especially after losing my favorite asymmetrical all black coat from ZARA, I knew I would never find that coat again with the season being over so, at the time I had no coat ! The style I wanted, that was still for sale, were going for about 500$ at all-saints. Wasn't going to afford that kind of price range just for a certain look I got for 200$ so there's goes that. Since I'm headed to London for 7weeks and its still pretty cold up there, I needed a coat STAT! I clicked the link and couldn't stop gawking at all the ways this coat could be worn. I love all the looks you can create with this coat extremely versatile. When I saw the word Oversized and with it being an online store, I was worried about if oversized meant they make them a size larger so deciding what size to get was the tricky part because I wouldn't be able to try it on. Im 5'8'' and Im about Medium in chest by the size chart. I asked what the model was and he's just my height so wasn't worried about it being too long on me! I ordered my typical size, Medium. and it fit like a glove!!! It is true to size! Who ever gets this coat, is going to love it !!!! buy buy buy ! Great seams, wonderful hems, maybe would've liked the pockets attached to coat instead on floating around inside. forever love this coat. classic. timeless.

Nice quality, but small

I ordered the pants in size S, according to the measurement chart.
Unfortunately they are a bit too small in the waist and really make a tummy pouch.
I recommend ordering one size bigger.
The quality itself is very good and the material feels very nice.

Also I am not content with the shipping, they ship through UPS.
I was aware that I had to pay import fees, but UPS just estimated a higher amount on the import fee, plus 12 euros handling fee.
So I paid a total of 40 euro in shipment fees.

Soft and comfy

Great shirt. Really soft material. Pretty much sits as seen in the photo.


Been shopping all over for a nice but stylish cardigan. This particular design not only caught my attention but the overall quality was impeccable. Very impressed with the service and the overall presentation when delivered. I will for sure come back and continue business with Mdnt45. Good job!


The material is amazing and well made and it looks even better in real life 🔥🔥

Very Versatile

This was softer than I expected and, as described, can be worn a lot of different ways. I enjoy the drape and the material. Surprisingly warm.

Comfortable and Warm

Love this coat. It's my new favorite for winter. Very warm and soft to the touch.

Amazing Piece

I received this item just today and I have to say it is now my favorite garment I own. It's so well made and the craftsmanship is remarkable, not to mention just how fantastic the asymmetric design looks paired with my other outfits. My contact with the seller was also very quick and helpful for whenever I had questions about anything, and I couldn't be more pleased with my overall experience shopping from here. Keep up the good work, and I'll be sure to purchase from here again.

Love my Jacket

This is a very nice jacket I actually really enjoy wearing it in fact I get a lot of compliments on it Keep up the good work !!!!

Very fitting shirt with good fabric

The seams are little bit too big on the outside.

Runs a bit small with snug proportions

As far as quality, these amazing pants are right in line with the rest of MDNT45 clothing. However they do run a bit small and have some tricky proportions. I would definitely recommend ordering a size up, but beware that the waistband is tight in proportion to the rest of the pant. These will have to be my "goal weight" pants, but I don't mind the wait as they are extremely awesome and otherwise very comfortable.

Really solid, comfortable top

This top is very well made and the fabric is thick and durable. The fit is perfect. It's just the right length in the torso and arms. I love the addition of the thumb holes as well. Overall this is a very comfortable, high quality piece and is well worth the price.

Excellent materials, comfortable and good looking

all good, perfect size and materials
unique look, appreciate wearing it

Excellent materials, comfortable and good looking

Happy with the quality, the size and the materials. It looks so fresh and unique
Only sad that I had to pay the fees for UE entries ...

Be beware of taxes and import charge!!!

The Coat is good, but its made out of the same material as my Hoodys are (so not really a coat more a big hoody).
But the shipping was catastrophic! It was labeled as a Present and the including bill was about 40$.
The german customs authority did not believe the bill and wanted to see the real bill and Ihad to pay about 60€ of taxes and charge, also UPS charged about 20€ additional.
So the complete costs of this "coat" were about 240€!
I`m really not happy about this and will not buy again at MDNT:45

Not Proportioned Correctly

I love the leggings but they are not properly proportioned. I ordered an XL and while the leggings fit well in the seat and legs, the waistline is TINY!! I will have to have them altered in order not to have my circulation cut off. They are adorable though and I am looking forward to being able to wear them soon.

Fantastic but a bit long wait

In love with this.... very "chic" with what is happening in fashion right now; wish I would’ve had it sooner (delivery bit slow)

Excellent Quality, Friendly Service

I purchased this sweater during the holidays and have been very happy with it! During that time they had a 'free Christmas gift' offer with your purchase. Long story short I forgot to add the gift to my cart, so I emailed them asking if they could help me out. They immediately got back to me saying they would be happy to add the shirt to the order (which is also an awesome shirt!).

The clothes have held up well so far and I definitely get compliments when I wear them out. Lastly, they HAND WROTE me a postcard thanking me for ordering through MDNT:45!

I'm very happy with my purchase and will definitely order more clothes here in the future.

*In case anyone is wondering, I live in the US and can verify that these folks are legit!*

Expensive sweat pants

These products are meant to be worn by people on the thicker side: I'm 6 ft and very skinny so the size small I ordered just looks like sweat pants on me. The ankles aren't tight so the pants are just loose and formless, and the waist doesn't hug well so they constantly need to be pulled back up. Can't recommend unless you look like the models they use.

Not quite what I expected

This jumpsuit is more like an adult onesie: as the other review mentions the fabric appears and feels velour which looks somewhat cheap. Sizing is another issue: I'm 6 feet tall, very slim and the size small I ordered is form fitting on me and feels just a bit too short, so I would recommend ordering one size larger to get the slightly baggy look in the pictures. Something I'll wear around the house but not out in public.

Beautifully made

Faultless and very unique.

Beautifully made

Faultless garment.


Beautiful, but

Love the feel and the quality of this skirt. I normally wear a 10/12. On a guess, I ordered an xl, figuring I could cinch it in if it’s too big. I just didn’t want it to be too small. Well, too small. When I say to small, it’s as if I was trying to wear an XS. The waist is sized completely in appropriately for the size I ordered. I can’t wear it and I’m hoping to give it to an XS friend.