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It's you who make us stronger.

Dear visitor!

If you came to this page it means you’re probably already our friend, but if we still don’t know each other that well, you can read about us here.

We want to tell you something important that you should know:

Our design studio, production facilities and network of people that work from their homes to make our wonderful items are based in Ukraine

We are strong, we are not afraid, and so far we’re ok

We couldn’t post anything sooner because it was the first day of war and we had to make sure everybody who works with us and our families were safe

We know that each difficulty we face makes us stronger and helps us make the next step.

So we’re making the next step. It was scary to make, but now we understand that our main source of strength is in you, our clients — people that inspire us and make us want to come to work each day. And that makes it less scary.

In today's situation of uncertainty and instability, we will do everything we can to stay strong and keep going.

We believe that we can save what we have been building over the past years and continue to grow it with you. We want to continue creating unique pieces of clothing for people like you, because the main thing about our items is  spreading our core idea of being strong and bold in showing your uniqueness, of  inspiring more and more people to follow their inner selves.

If you would like to support our creativity and to not let it sink — then your orders are the best support.

On another note, there are many amazing people among our stylish buyers.

People from all walks of creativity and business. If you or anyone in your network might be interested in cooperating with us — please email our CEO Mikhail at

We’re looking for partners to invest in branching out our made-to-order sustainable production to the EU and later to the US, contributing more to local communities, where our customers live, and reducing carbon footprints created by delivering worldwide. 

We're also developing apps and software for e-commerce, especially those with uncommon business models and processes (like us) and many other things. We tried and wanted to bootstrap everything, but today's situation has shown us that we really need partners. And we believe we can find our fellow thinkers among you!

We understand it’s quite unorthodox to ask your buyers to become your partners — but that’s how we are.


All we want is peace and help our clients change themselves, become better, bolder, more free versions of themselves. What we do is philosophy first and art second — clothing is a physical manifestation of this. We ask for your support now so that we can keep spreading our ideas.

Co-Founder and Chief Designer


Questions you might have

What should I do if I'm currently waiting for my order to be produced and shipped?

Please be patient and wait for updates in your inbox. 

• Thank you for your trust and support. One of our top priorities has always been and stays the quality of our service and on-time deliveries. A small business must meet these terms to have a chance to compete in the modern market with giant corporations and mass production facilities. 

• We've worked hard to achieve this. And we're glad we've been able to keep our words without a late delivery for months. Many satisfied customers have written to us about this, you can see their feedback in the reviews (we never fake or remove reviews).

• Due to this unfair war we have to warn you that we can't guarantee our usual production and delivery times. But we will definitely do our best to ship your orders as soon as it becomes possible. We would appreciate your understanding and patience on this matter and will keep you updated as soon as anything changes.

I want to get support with questions on choosing the product on the website. How long should I wait to get an answer?

We answer at the earliest opportunity, but there may be delays these days.

• Our usual time to address any question in chat during business hours for the past half a year was around 10-15 minutes. As our Customer Team members may also be affected by the situation in Ukraine, we cannot guarantee the same response times. If you have any questions, please leave your email in the chat so that we can reach you as soon as possible, but please understand that some delays may occur. If you'd like us to call you instead, please make sure to leave your number and the most appropriate time to contact you in the request.

What should I do if I'm currently waiting for the return/refund?

We always provided hassle-free returns, even when we were still a very small team of 5 people. We understand if you would like to make a return, but we would really appreciate it if you'd hold off. We will make returns at the earliest opportunity, but there may be delays. 

• We know how frustrating this might be to be dissatisfied with the item you ordered, and we usually resolve this issue immediately.

We've contacted each person who requested a refund for the past few weeks to understand why. Because we know that if you like anything we've created, it will suit you. It's a question of the many little uniquenesses that make our bodies so beautiful and how standardized sizing limits our individuality.

We had been trying to balance on edge for a long time before we started preparing extended size charts. And making that happen, we discussed any feedback customers gave us to update products and variants we create. 

Unfortunately, we have had to suspend work in that direction for now. We believe we can get back to it soon, but for now, if you have any suggestions or would like to participate in our creation of un:casual sizing, please share your ideas with us.