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Be brave, be honest, follow your inner self with MDNT:45!

We turned to modern calligraphy that combines the legacy of our history and modern context creating unique prints and senses.

All unique capsule’s prints demonstrate the human’s courage and a right to self-expression for humanity in general. 

history in fonts

Be brave like Ukraine

To be brave means to be a personality. 

Which, in its turn, means to be a real human! 

The phrase that spread around the world during the last five months. Ukraine reminded the whole world what bravery is. That the historical drama is not just an empty sound of the past, and our reality is undisguised, sometimes uncomfortable, but honest. This is the reason why it is so powerful. In real news, donates for humanitarian help and readiness to fight for the right to be yourself.

Don’t be afraid, your life is in your hands!

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Good evening, we are from Ukraine

It’s not just a simple greeting but a symbol of invincible optimism.

On the saddest and most horrifying days, this phrase reminded many people how important it’s to be on the side of good and never forget to joke. 

Phrase origin:

PROBASS&HARDI “Where are you from?” - a track from two Ukrainian Dj’s from Kremenchuk released in October 2021.

Starting on 24 February 2022, Vitalii Kim, the Head of the Mykolaiv administration started his everyday address to citizens on his Telegram channel with the news about the situation in the region under attack. Ukrainian Armed Forces, Minister of Defense of Ukraine and many journalists started to greet this way too.

Do you feel the toughness of life on your shoulders? Or maybe don’t you know what is waiting for you in the future? To believe in the best and not to give up is your own choice to live.

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Oh, the Red Viburnum in the Meadow

A phrase that symbolizes the transformation of human’s role in history: from tragic mourning into a philosophy of fighting for the truth and a brighter future. Like Ukraine did.

Phrase origin: 

The line from a Ukrainian patriotic march of the time of Bohdan Khmelnytsky was first published in 1875. Known in several versions.

Modern reborn:

The front-man from the Ukrainian band Boombox Andrii Hluvniuk made a cover. While he was serving in the Kyiv Territorial Defense. And then the song became famous worldwide - it was remixed by different artists around the globe.

You are the strength. You are the justice. You are the engine that can change everything for the better.

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Defending freedom

Protecting freedom = fighting for humanity, fighting for the right to live the way you want! Just think: you originate from freedom. So what are you ready to give up in the fight for the right to be free? 

The freedom to think, freedom to manifest, freedom to be. It’s impossible to imagine progress, art and humanism without freedom.

One word but with so much meaning!

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Be brave to be yourself

To create a new world today.

Be brave to be yourself. To remain an individual and broadcast energy and power. To throw away all the faulty masks and others’ opinions. To manifest and be responsible.

Do you know who you are? That means you are brave! 

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Zakentiy Gorobyov