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Article: Shadow


The world is dualistic: we always teeter between black and white, between light and darkness. But what’s the role of the shadow? What does it hide and induce us to do? 

Feelings, desires, character traits that we don’t see or are afraid to accept in ourselves — these are all shadows. The limitless space between the opposites, a glimpse of our Self, an irrational expression and free spirit.

«To become conscious of one’s Shadow and learn to manage it is the fate of all people», said Carl Jung. «Only now I understand, my dear shadow, how discourteous I was to you!», exclaimed Friedrich Nietzsche.

We are not afraid. We accept. We broadcast Shadow.

The streamlining of leather and clear drop silhouettes emphasize boldness and sexiness. The layering of the black net on the white knitwear presents the diversity of shades and halftones.

Play with your shadow and discover yourself. It’s time to dive into Moon Shadow.