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    Man Designer Coats: Stylish and Relevant at All Times

    Men’s urban designer coats are perhaps one of the most diverse things in a men’s wardrobe. It has demi-season and summer options, it is available in woolen, denim, tweed, and other types of fabrics, and the models are so diverse that they are suitable for men of any age and physique. It is this wardrobe item that is considered a fashionable base, recognized as a universal solution even by those who are far from traditional clothing preferences.

    A modern designer pea coat for men can be a luxury and stylish classic, oversized, sports, military, or another model that can adorn the image of a city dweller who knows a lot about mens fashion trends.

    Despite the abundance of other outerwear in stores, the coat does not lose its popularity. And all because it is always stylish and fashionable, it allows you to look great in the autumn-winter period and even in spring, when it is still cold enough, it looks very solid and expensive and is also combined with various wardrobe options.

    One Piece of Men's Wardrobe that is the Favorite of Many World Designers

    Almost all global brands, no matter what style they adhere to, include in their collections models of a men’s coat in a modified form. Coats differ from each other in details, cuts, textiles, and finishes. Modern designers rarely stick to traditional styles. They offer updated versions of classic coats while maintaining centuries-old traditions. That’s why you can find anything from fashion asymmetric coat for men or men’s gothic coat to mens modern urban punk coats. Details change, styles are mixed, men are offered a number of images that are independent of each other and the possibility of personal choice.

    The most traditional coat designs that receive different interpretations in the hands of designers are:

    • Chesterfield is an invention of an English aristocrat that came into vogue in the 19th century.

    • Covercoat — appeared at the end of the 19th century and was intended for horse riding and hunting.

    • Polo — the model is considered an American classic. Large patch pockets lend a casual touch. The coat was made of camel wool in beige and sandy colors.

    • Balmacaan — the coat was named after the hunting estate of Balmacaan in Scotland. It was distinguished by a free-cut, minimalistic design and good heat-shielding properties, as it was intended for hunting enthusiasts.

    • Duffle coat is the only type of classic coat that is made with a hood. Some sources claim that the design of such clothes was borrowed from the monastic robe, which explains the appearance of the hood. It is a grandfather of a modern gothic coat for a man.

    • Cape coat in the form of an elegant sleeveless cape.

    • Oversized coat — loose coats that do not have clear dimensional frames — they are also called one size.

    No doubt that you definitely need to shop for a modern stylish designer either gothic urban or just luxury classic coat for men.

    MDNT:45 is Your Online Space to Shop Modern Designer Coats for Men

    MDNT:45 is a young brand created by a talented girl whose passion has always been beautiful, high-quality, functional clothing. The first batch of twelve black coats she produced herself, hoping that she can sell some of them — and they sold out during a weekend on her personal Facebook page. Now the name of the brand associates not only with winter coats for men. MDNT:45 offers a wide variety of clothes for both men and women and the team is much bigger. Nevertheless, the main focus is on originality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

    The brand’s online store is where you can buy stylish luxury urban or gothic and punk coats for men. In each of them, you will recognize the outlines of the classic versions, but in a modern way. A large selection of styles will satisfy the taste of the most sophisticated person and will give a real sense of comfort and style. These are truly designer luxurious items that will be fashionable for more than one season. Buy stylish luxury designer urban or asymmetric gothic punk coat or several mens coats and enjoy the abundance and beauty that MDNT:45 creates for you.