MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Oversized geometric loose fit coat
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Oversized geometric loose fit coat
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Oversized geometric loose fit coat
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Oversized geometric loose fit coat
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Oversized geometric loose fit coat
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Oversized geometric loose fit coat
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Oversized geometric loose fit coat

Oversized geometric loose fit coat

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This men’s coat doesn’t look conventional at all. And we think it doesn’t have to! Everyone has their own unique way of expressing themselves. And what can harm it more than being limited by common trends and standard looks? This men’s coat is unusual, and that’s its strong point! We didn’t only focus on making it unusual though. It is also very comfortable, and very warm – you don’t have to sacrifice anything for a stylish look!

Made in Europe.

••• FABRIC •••

coat fabric: viscose 30%, 70% polyester

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect fit ! Don't let the word Over size fool you!

When I saw this in an online AD I fell in love with it right away! Especially after losing my favorite asymmetrical all black coat from ZARA, I knew I would never find that coat again with the season being over so, at the time I had no coat ! The style I wanted, that was still for sale, were going for about 500$ at all-saints. Wasn't going to afford that kind of price range just for a certain look I got for 200$ so there's goes that. Since I'm headed to London for 7weeks and its still pretty cold up there, I needed a coat STAT! I clicked the link and couldn't stop gawking at all the ways this coat could be worn. I love all the looks you can create with this coat extremely versatile. When I saw the word Oversized and with it being an online store, I was worried about if oversized meant they make them a size larger so deciding what size to get was the tricky part because I wouldn't be able to try it on. Im 5'8'' and Im about Medium in chest by the size chart. I asked what the model was and he's just my height so wasn't worried about it being too long on me! I ordered my typical size, Medium. and it fit like a glove!!! It is true to size! Who ever gets this coat, is going to love it !!!! buy buy buy ! Great seams, wonderful hems, maybe would've liked the pockets attached to coat instead on floating around inside. forever love this coat. classic. timeless.

Excellent materials, comfortable and good looking

Happy with the quality, the size and the materials. It looks so fresh and unique
Only sad that I had to pay the fees for UE entries ...

Excellent design and comfortable to wear

This coat makes you stand out in a crowd, and you can be sure no one else has anything similar. It's very coftable to wear once you figure out how you want to wear it. The material is soft to touch and flows well,
The team behind MDNT:45 have the best customer service I have come across, they get back to you stright away with any question or concerns you may have.
Will definitely buy from these guys again and recommend them to anyone who is tried off the same old high street clothes

Comfy coat... that attracts attention

I bought the coat last December and wore it a few times since. First of all: Nice fabric -I loved it at the moment I took the coat out of the packaging!

'Handling' - it's surprisingly quick to put on with a bit of practice. Three buttons, done. Certainly easier than more conventional coats I had so far. Big plus: Due to the cut, one can access the pockets of one's pants quite easily without fumbling around with the coat too much (agin compared to a more traditional cut). So the design is not solely for the looks, it's offering something more to you, too. The pockets are at a cleverly placed to bury your hands in them without looking silly (had that with other coats). The attachment of the buttons seems to be the Achilles' heel of the coat. The tread used to attach them to the fabric is a bit too soft and there not much of it was used. One of mine tore off even though I was never pulling at the fabric around the buttons to open them. It was not a big deal. A bit of thread and a needle fixed the problem. This is what costed the rating one point.

The coat itself is surprisingly warm for a coat probably meant for autumn / spring weather. I wore it during late winter / early spring in Sweden (temperatures around the freezing point) and found that it was still comfy. It should not get much colder than that, though. The fabric wasily withstands a drizzle or a light rain.

About wearing it: As you can see, it looks awesome... but be aware that it attracts attention even in a city like Berlin.

Bottom line: Would I buy it again? Absolutely!