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    23 products

    23 products

    MDNT45 Reberu jacket White
    Reberu jacket White



    MDNT45 Hooded linen cardigan
    Hooded linen cardigan
    MDNT45 One size / Black Sotaru wild cardigan
    Sotaru wild cardigan
    MDNT45 One size / Beige Sleeveless muslin cardigan
    Sleeveless muslin cardigan
    MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Black hooded coat
    Black hooded coat



    MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Urban hoodie
    Urban hoodie
    MDNT45 Reberu jacket Black
    Reberu jacket Black
    MDNT45 Hogo Coat
    Hogo Coat
    MDNT45 Aku gaki Coat
    Aku gaki Coat
    Fast Bundle Look of Dignity
    Look of Dignity

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    Men’s Overcoat as a Historic Designer Outerwear

    The etymology of the word men’s “overcoats” goes back to Ancient Rome — the Latin “palla” is translated as “outer dress”. If you recall historical films, you will notice the following — in Europe, only 300-400 years ago, such a “dress” was a variety of warm capes with a hole for the head. Now an example of such capes are Mexican ponchos, which have preserved their original style. These “coats” did not have sleeves yet.

    The word mans “overcoat” itself became widespread in the middle of the 19th century: new functionality brought fame to this type of clothing, and the industrialization of the modern world became the reason for the change. The men's outerwear industry, which was born overnight, brought to the attention of young people and older gentlemen a whole range of new styles: chesterfield, polo, raglan, crombie, trench coat, duffle coat. The last two silhouettes owe their appearance to the echo of war: equipped with a comfortable hood, a duffle coat (duffle (English) — “thick woolen fabric”) enjoyed immense popularity among the intelligentsia and students.

    Fashion is cyclical — and therefore the middle of the last century is a real source of inspiration for modern designers in the world of high fashion. A universal image of a reliable, self-confident man — he prefers confident lines and a calm silhouette, natural fabrics of muted, strict tones. Stylish designer urban outerwear for men is now available in almost all clothing stores.

    Men's Overcoat: How to Wear and Pair it Correctly

    An elegant overcoat for men is a true classic in men’s wardrobe. No alternative options — a jacket, parkas, down jackets — are able to emphasize the masculinity of a silhouette, visually increase shoulders, and make a figure slim. A man in a coat looks moderately strict, concise, neat, fit, stylish, but, however, only if he is wearing a really good one.

    It's great that fashion trends today are available to everyone, but with the existing abundance of proposals, making a stylish look and expressing your own individuality in it is a very difficult task.

    Basic rules for what to wear a man's overcoat with are simple because modern fashion breaks all stereotypes. The main reasons why you should buy mens stylish designer overcoats are:

    • both classic trousers and sports jeans can be worn under a coat;

    • with a coat you can wear both classic shoes and sneakers;

    • a quality coat has no age: it looks great on both younger and more mature men

    With a great option of online shopping for mens overcoat, you can try on different styles until you find the one that perfectly suits you. If you are looking for stylish designer overcoats for men online we have a brand that will amaze your taste in fashion.

    MDNT:45 — a Stylish Urban Outfitters Mens Outerwear

    MDNT:45 is a company that makes special clothes for unique people. Our brand’s main goal is creating the world of the future today, where the essential value is a person and one’s happiness. The brand creators believe that it comes with discovering one’s inner world and desires, respecting, and celebrating others’ uniqueness. MDNT:45 literally means midnight — the moment when you can be yourself — unique, unusual, bright, sexy, independent, different from others.

    MDNT:45 is a store where you can buy mens modern designer stylish and even gothic overcoat online. A variety of styles, colors, extravagant cuts and high-quality materials will captivate even the most fastidious man. Our designers paid special attention to the geometry, which is why our coats cannot be called boring — they are daring, unique, and incredibly stylish. Buy luxury stylish overcoat for men online and build your own fashion world today.