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    36 products

    36 products

    MDNT45 Jiandan top
    Jiandan top






    MDNT45 Frisky top
    Frisky top









    MDNT45 Ruler top
    Ruler top




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    Women’s Top: an Evolution from Swimwear to World Catwalks

    Oddly enough, but the men’s T-shirt and tops for a woman have common roots: both things were inspired by a one-piece women's swimsuit with wide straps. The T-shirts that gained popularity in the 80s of the last century also came from swimsuits. During a couple of years, they have become more tight-fitting and short, migrated to the women’s wardrobe and became crop tops.

    Top for a woman is not just an everyday element of the wardrobe: every year famous designers take this top element of clothing for women and turn it into a real work of art. Designer women’s clothing tops these days can be seen online and offline on fashionistas of all ages because this element is not just a piece of clothing for young girls but it also looks appropriate on more mature ladies. The main rule when choosing women’s stylish tops is to focus on your own figure.

    One of the main experimenters is designer Alexander Wang. He presented to the womens clothing lines both standard tops with thin straps and without them at all, as well as tops with complex weaves and bold cutouts — such tops became a full-fledged element of an evening clothing wardrobe for women. The designer Emilio Pucci also made it possible to shop sexy womens tops. The maestro presented both spicy body-stripping models and the hit of the season — high neck tops. The author’s favorite theme is bustier tops, which are gaining more and more popularity every year and already became a top demanded items for women that can be bought online.

    On Top of Most Versatile Clothes for Women

    A stylish top for women looks especially good with trousers this season, and it is best to choose trousers with a high rise and tapered legs. Skirts are also faithful companions to tops of any length. Not surprisingly, this piece of wardrobe ranks # 1 in the top list of womens online shopping list:

    • When you shop tops for women you know in advance that it is a great investment. You can always dress up or dress down this piece and it will look appropriate at any event.

    • You can find any top that will perfectly suit your body shape. The variety of tops is humungous.

    • Tops can be easily transformed from winter to summer. It is also very easy to accessorize them.

    • Online shopping made it possible to try different styles of womens tops for every customer.

    MDNT:45 — a Stylish Online Store Where You Can Buy the Best Womens Top for You

    MDNT:45 is a new brand that was created by young designers whose goal was to attract attention by their unconventionality, but at the same time, their clothes are not provocative or shouty. The brand message is to reveal the real you: free, versatile, strong, and sexy. Just try and take a different look at the world around you and build your own! The brand designs clothes at the junction of several styles: avant-garde, minimalism, deconstruction with cyberpunk, with the elements of dark fashion. When wearing MDNT:45 clothes you will always be in the center of everyone’s attention.

    If you prefer online shopping and looking for unusual tops for women, you are at the right place. Among our designs, you can find both gothic and everyday stylish urban tops for women. MDNT:45 represents a top quality in women online shopping world. Our unique handmade pieces will definitely become your favorites!