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SKU: A0244-BLK-0-S

Black crop top

Sale price$136.54 USD

Looking for something really special? Our leather top might be the very thing you're after! This unconventional garment is sure to make you stand out in a crowd! Though the top is quite minimalistic, it has subtle details that make it look exotic and maybe even futuristic. The unusual placement of the zipper might not be the first thing to catch your eye, but it makes your look that much more interesting. The lower part of the top is firmly clasped with a button, creating the appearance of a belt, which also adds to the overall appeal of your outfit. Finally, the shape itself is quite interesting, revealing a tasteful amount of skin. The black color of this garment further improves on the minimalistic style and makes all the small details stand out even more, which in turn makes you look like you're something special yourself!

Made in Europe