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Bivvy wind coat

Sale price$231.00 USD


Lightweight and flexible, Bivvy is a portable shelter made for the restless adventurer that appreciates the outdoors!

This is an item you'll want to wear even when there's no sign of bad weather on sight - it's cut from wind-resistant fabric and comes in a cloaked oversized shape completed with practical tent lines to get a contemporary update.

Incorporating a voluminous hood to add a dose of mysticism to the image and conveniently placed opening slits for arms to stick through, it packs a zip-equipped vest with a collar to keep this piece in place all while permitting the unrestricted range of motion.

Crafted to make you look stylish even when it's all doom and gloom outside, Bivvy also makes itself an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor parties where you want to charm everyone but still be seen as that mysterious party girl who rocks cool outfits.

Made in Europe