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SKU: A0216-BLK-0-XS

Black cropped jacket

Sale price$170.00 USD

People always strive to be different from others, to be noticed and make themselves heard. And the first thing that could grab people's attention is the correct outfit. This futuristic vest is just the thing! The very unconventional look of this vest sets itself apart from most other clothes, but there's much more to it than just the shape. Details, such as multiple free flowing straps, separating seams, open and closed variations, and even the material, all work in unison to create an attractive futuristic style. The vest closes with a quick release bucket and clasp buttons along the side that can change your look with just opening or closing the uppermost part of the vest - if you choose to close every button you will form a very high neckline for mysterious effect, or you could let the last button be open for a more casual appearance. This alternative vest is something you definitely don't see every day and could help you really stand out.

Made in Europe