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SKU: A0212-BLK-0-S

Black basic long sleeved top

Sale price$79.00 USD

Usually it’s only a few small details that make the difference between a plain, boring piece of clothing and a unique, sleek-looking one. As it is the case with this sweatshirt. In addition to being really comfortable and pleasant to the touch, it is a great example of small details making a big difference. It would just be another off-the-shelf sweatshirt, if it wasn’t for some of the unique design choices and aesthetic details. Visible seams on the outer side, sleeves that transition into the fingerless gloves - and you get a truly unique garment, perfect for a stylish day to day look!

Made in Europe

MDNT45 Sweaters, Tunics & Tops Black gothic jumper
Black basic long sleeved top Sale price$79.00 USD