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SKU: A0248-BLK-0-S

Cyberpunk Hooded Top with Straps

Sale price$136.54 USD

Our stylish shop specializes in unconventional clothes that make you stand out, such as this hoodie. The unusual shape, interesting design, and comfortable fit make this a great item of casual clothing for any occasion. The dark color of the hoodie contrasts the usually flashy clothes people wear today, which adds to the uniqueness of your look. Another great feature of our futuristically styled hoodie is the multiple straps, securely attached to the main body of cloth. They provide no practical purpose, but that's not the main point with fashion, is it? These straps top off your outfit with the small minimalistic details you might have been missing. If you want comfortable clothes that set you apart from the crowd without resorting to extremely bright colors and reflective surfaces, then look no further - this alternative design hoodie is the perfect thing for you!

Made in Europe