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Fiery dress

Sale price$200.00 USD


Marked as a showstopper piece of our latest collection, this dress is best described as ongoing bursts of energy that compel you to walk, feel and live with unquenchable passion.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional kimono shapes, Fiery is crafted from silk satin to form a straight silhouette with sweepingly rich sleeves and a long wide belt to cinch the overall fierce shape.

Abundant and lustrous looking, this dress incorporates decorative seams on the shoulders that continue into lavish folds in the chest area and calls you to indulge in its refined shine and stunning drape.

Exposing thigh-high peek splits, this model epitomizes affinity for bold, saturated colors and vividly flutters as you walk, captivating all the onlookers.

We recommend spicing things up for Valentine's day and going with something extra like this dress - Fiery will surely live up to the role.

Made in Europe