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SKU: A0400-BLK-0-XS

High-Waist Wide-Leg Black Trousers

Sale price$118.22 USD


Here for all of your warm-weather ventures, Jiggish is a long high-waist bottom piece and a shortcut to standing out from the crowd.

Enriched with slashes of soft, textured linen, this unique piece is constructed to flatter the feminine curves.

The trousers have a wide-legged fit and malleable drape that reach new levels of a pleasing touch of natural fabric.

Your ally against hot weather, this breathable woven bottom boasts high leg slits on the inside of the pants, providing plenty of room for movement and showing skin.

You can opt for wearing pants extra flared or to button them up to a classic wide-pant look. Turn the hem outside and button it up in place if you want to adjust the length.

Made in Europe