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SKU: A0246-BLK-0-S-M

T-shirt mini dress

Sale price$145.71 USD

Finding your look and expressing yourself through fashion is something that a lot of people deem unimportant, but that couldn't be further from the truth! When there are so many people in the world it's almost necessary to have that unique style to be noticed. Here we have a minimalistic dress which will give you an interesting look and make a great statement as well. This simple no-nonsense dress doesn't have any distracting details or bright colors to set itself apart because the main focus lies on the wearer, that is the most attractive part of this garment. Thought the dress is casual and comfy to wear, it will make you look more stylish and even confident, due to its straightforward design. If you want to stand out, but like to keep it simple, this is the thing for you!
Made in Europe