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    MDNT45 Dresses Wrap dress Seishi
    Wrap dress Seishi

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    Stylish Wrap Dress for Women

    Let’s make a retrospective review of a modern wrap dress. For the first time ever the design of a wrap around dress was suggested by American designer Claire McCardell in the 1940s. Women were wearing wrap dresses in the 1960s as well. Yet still, it was Diane von Fürstenberg who managed to make wrap dresses stylish, sought-after, contemporary, and challenging symbolizing both femaleness and independence. Initially, the designer imagined the style of her wrap dresses as feminine and at the same time sensible, that’s why the source of inspiration for Diane von Fürstenberg was practice clothes of ballet dancers — tops with close-fitting long sleeves and slip on petticoats.

    Such kind of a dress was simple and one-size-fits-all. Wrap around dresses made your movements free, looked stylish and modern. Also dresses wrapped around a figure disguise its shortcomings in case if there are any, visually make your figure and feet slender and slim. Of course, as time passed womens wrap dresses underwent evolution: original abstractions and bright patterns began to appear in collections, but the ideal formula remained the same — the accent was done on a waist and loose sleeves that don’t make your figure look heavy.

    An asymmetric wrap dress is able to turn any woman into a subtle and graceful urban Goddess. V-neck made with the help of a wrap effectively lays emphasis on your neck, besides it slightly lengthen it. In general, womens wrap dress:


    • makes your figure visually slender and higher;
    • narrows your shoulders and your waist becomes to be seen distinctly.


    In the 90s wrap dress styles flourished again. Some celebrities like Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Madonna choose the style of asymmetrical wrap dress for strolling and red carpets.

    MDNT:45 — The New Philosophy of Life

    MDNT:45 is the platform where you may find a dress that wraps your figure and makes you look like a guest from the future. A sustainable wrap dress is a unique style of clothing designed to free your mind and make you feel independent from rules and regulations. MDNT:45 is the best urban fashion for personable people who are not willing to adhere to any restrictions and create their own rules not thrusting them down throat to anybody. They exceed conventions without epatage and provocations and step out of line silently and nonchalantly.

    MDNT:45 is created for those who are not satisfied with anything ordinary and dull. We value individuality at every point of life. Our main goal is to bring the future to the present time with its main value — the happiness of every single personality. We are sure that it can be achieved by exploring one’s real desires and whims at the same time looking up to others’ individuality.

    MDNT:45 created its own style of dresses, this type of cloth wraps your figure in a combination of a few builds: minimalism, deconstruction with cyberpunk, avant-garde, dark fashion elements. We reflect the wearer’s cosmopolitism, sexuality, mindset by deconstructing ordinary forms and applying grotesque and surreal elements.