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    17 products

    17 products

    Reberu jacket Black
    Black hooded coat



    MDNT45 Tops & T-shirts Men hooded shirt
    Men hooded shirt
    MDNT45 Eisei Mens Jumpsuit
    Eisei Mens Jumpsuit
    MDNT45 Pants Men's harem pants
    Men's harem pants
    Hogo Coat



    MDNT45 Men pants Stroma
    Men pants Stroma
    MDNT45 Pants Hagane
    Pants Hagane
    Aku gaki Coat
    MDNT45 Pants Men's casual pants
    Men's casual pants
    MDNT45 Tops & T-shirts Cyberpunk hooded top
    Cyberpunk hooded top
    MDNT45 Pants Men's cotton pants
    Men's cotton pants
    MDNT45 Akinak Pants
    Akinak Pants

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    Best Designer Clothes for Men in the USA — MDNT:45

    Are you looking for the best online clothing store for men? Do you appreciate fashion as a tool of self-discovery? If so, you might agree that nowadays it’s difficult to find a store that values the uniqueness and individuality of each clothing piece. When clothes are mass-produced, many rely on designer clothing where the styling is unusual yet chic, materials and garments are handpicked, and the collections help to express oneself. Nevertheless, how to find that store? What should be the characteristics of the best mens online clothes shop?

    How to Find the Best Online Fashion Branded Clothes Shopping Store for Men?

    • Unique styling

    Whether it’s casual outdoor menswear or festival clothing, such a store must provide a variety of styles that are not limited to mainstream trends. If you value individuality and the unexpected, the best online brand clothing store should expand, and not restrain the fashion options of a man, for example, does the designer shop provide avant-garde mens clothes that incorporate dark fashion elements?

    • Look for the best modern men’s clothing

    Living in a metropolis, it’s important to find clothing pieces that are urban and modern. The aim is to put an outfit that makes you stand out among the crowd, yet looks natural and organic in your day-to-day environment. Modern garments should be effortless yet chic, comfortable yet stylish. Does the best online clothing shop of your preference offer such a style of clothes for men?

    Best Mens Online Branded Clothes Shopping Store — MDNT:45

    MDNT:45 is a brand that aims to create a world where creative individuals can easily and freely express themselves through fashion. This is the designer brand that does not believe in common rules, orthodox style, conventionalities, and societal expectations. If you want to go beyond the commonly accepted modes of fashion, MDNT:45 is for you. However, it’s important to note that our brand does this without breaking the rules or causing unnecessary provocation. The main objective is to be independent and charismatic. Fashion is a great art tool that can help in that.

    Our brand name stands for the word “midnight”. One might be curious about this name. Midnight is a time of the unknown. MDNT:45, hence, makes garments for individuals who do not hesitate to stand in front of the unknown and value the unexpected. Catch your moment of being unique, strong, independent, and different from many. Everyone has a unique character that can be revealed through fashion. Look at our world from a different perspective and discover your true free personality with MDNT:45.

    MDNT:45 makes uncasual garments for creative people around the world. Our brand thus asserts the importance of individuality at every moment. For our brand, your uniqueness, true nature, and happiness are the main values. The future vision is a world full of brave individuals who respect, appreciate, and celebrate their and others’ true, free, and peculiar characters. MDNT:45 deconstructs common varieties of clothes and adds different futuristic elements. You might wonder what kind of styles our company offers. Our brand designs the best clothing for men of several styles, such as minimalism, cyberpunk, avant-garde, dark fashion, and more!

    With MDNT:45 as your fashion assistant, you can wear uncasual, urban, and modern garments and go beyond the common. Play by your own rules and reveal the unexpected! Go shop online from any part of the world on our site where men can buy brand name urban mens clothes for every day — on MDNT:45’s website, you can find many catalogs and lines of the best men's designer clothing in the USA. The “Men’s Bestsellers” collection presents the best clothes for men where you can start your online fashion journey! You will be able to find jumpers, pants, hoodies, turtleneck sweaters, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, coats, jumpsuits, and more.

    We ship garments worldwide. So, it doesn't matter whether you live in Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, or Asia. Your parcel will be waiting for you in a post office within several days. We accept payments from credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. You also can pay your order with cryptocurrency. For further information please check our help center. If you have questions concerning sizing, ordering or shipping processes, you are always welcome to chat with our managers online.