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    7 products

    MDNT45 Cardigans Tsubasa Cardigan
    Tsubasa Cardigan
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    MDNT45 Vento cardigan
    Vento cardigan
    MDNT45 Vento cardigan
    Vento cardigan
    MDNT45 One size / Black Sotaru wild cardigan
    Sotaru wild cardigan
    Alas cardigan

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    Womens cardigans for fashionistas are a piece of wardrobe that never goes out of style

    The ladies cardigan jacket is not just a sweater that flaunts in your closet — it is an item that represents one of the most popular styles today. It’s hard to believe, but a female fashion cardigan — a symbol of comfort and versatility, came to us from the military sphere and was only part of the men’s wardrobe. Conducting a military operation in the cold winter, General James Cardigan ordered for his fighters knitted woolen jackets, which had deep cutouts for ease of wearing under the uniform. Although initially this idea of the ​​US open front wool jacket with buttons was “peeped” by the British officer from northern fishermen. This warm and cozy little thing was deservedly named after its creator, who, as they say, has always been distinguished by excellent taste! If he just knew back then that he would create the whole era of designer cardigans and open front jacket for ladies.

    The fashion for open front cardigan jackets for women was constantly changing, but the most significant mark in their transformation was left by Coco Chanel, who opened the doors to the world of designer female fashion cardigans. Starting from the 70s of the last century, fashion designers decided to breathe “freshness” into womens open front jacket and began to experiment with materials: fashionistas immediately began to purchase lady cardigans made of cotton, wool, angora, thick silk, cambric, etc. At the same time, a new democratic style in semi-formal clothing was born and the cardigan jacket for women began to be combined with a strict shirt and trousers. In the 90s, the lead singer of the Nirvana band Kurt Cobain practically did not take off his fashionable cardigan, which could not but affected the tastes of young people.

    Long designer cardigans that reached the knees or calves and looked like a coat began to appear. Nowadays, wide and free ladies jacket cardigans are in fashion, with asymmetry or with multi-colored coloring, with geometric prints in bright colors.

    The main advantages of this type of clothing

    Fashionable woman cardigans gained their popularity not only thanks to celebrities and the close attention of famous designers but also due to a number of significant advantages.

    • The lady cardigan is light enough and allows free movement.
    • The materials of designer womens cardigans are very practical. You can put it in a bag or throw it over your arm and it will not wrinkle.
    • Due to the rich palette of colors, shapes, materials of manufacture, you can choose a stylish designer woman cardigan for any event.
    • Ladies designer cardigan jackets or how they also called open front coats will give you coziness and comfort, warmth, and aesthetic pleasure.
    • Women’s cardigan jacket is always in fashion and you are never wrong when buying it.

    MDNT:45 is a brand that will impress you

    MDNT:45 is a company that was created for free, creative, bright individuals who do not like to think in patterns, but prefer unusual clothes that attract someone else’s eye. Our clients know exactly what they want to dress themselves in, they appreciate the history of fashion but are in search of a modern interpretation of it. They know exactly that, for example, womens designer cardigan jackets are not boring or trivial, but luxurious and stylish, because this is how our brand represents this unique piece. We have turned an ordinary open front jacket for women into a must-have for any wardrobe, regardless of the season. Womens UK cardigan jacket or open front coat makes you strong, smart, sexy and even a little gothic at the same time.

    With MDNT:45 you can boldly show your uniqueness, be exactly the person you are on the inside. We are open to any ideas and suggestions, so you can always share your thoughts, no matter how daring and unusual they are. Feel free to choose and order designer women's cardigans online on our website and enjoy the top quality, clean lines, and incredible energy that our clothes provide. Don't waste your time and join our club right now!