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    12 products

    12 products

    MDNT45 Drawstring-waist jumpsuit
    Drawstring-waist jumpsuit
    MDNT45 Women's Bottoms Tsuyomi Black
    Tsuyomi Black



    MDNT45 Satellite jumpsuit
    Satellite jumpsuit



    MDNT45 Drawstring-waist jumpsuit
    Drawstring-waist jumpsuit
    MDNT45 Belted geometric jumpsuit
    Belted geometric jumpsuit
    MDNT45 Higure jumpsuit
    Higure jumpsuit

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    Womens Jump Suits — From Workwear to World Catwalks

    It is believed that analogs of women jump suits appeared during the Middle Ages. At that time such costumes were common among jesters, magicians, and alchemists because such a dress helped to protect the body during dangerous stunts. Later, in the 18th century, children from wealthy noble families began to wear overalls. They were made by tailors from expensive satin or silk fabrics. But in the 50s of the 19th century, when the gold rush in America began, the functionality of this garment began to serve the working class.

    For seekers of valuable metal, renowned industrialist Levi Strauss has invented a durable, tough-to-touch suit. In the 70s of the same century, Levi Straus organized the mass production of these clothes, but this time from denim. With countless pockets, a wide fit, and the ability to wash jumpsuits multiple times, this garment has become increasingly common among Americans.

    And when during the Second World War soldiers and aviators “dressed” in overalls, a jump suit for women became popular, especially among ladies who worked at military arms factories. By the 40s, women's fashion jumpsuits could already be seen on the pages of glossy magazines. Well, when eminent fashion houses and world-famous designers get down to business, popularity will not keep itself waiting long. Both womens fashion jumpsuit and onesie for ladies began to fill actively the city streets.

    The brothers Gérard and Patrick Pariente made a special contribution to the development of woman and lady jumpsuits. They revolutionized the onesie world for a woman with a Naf Naf brand. It was the model of this brand that marked the beginning of a new era when a jumpsuit for an urban woman became an indispensable item in the wardrobe.

    You Should Buy Womens Jump Suit If You Want to Be Ready for any Occasion in Life

    In the modern world of fashion, there is a huge number of stylish jumpsuits and onesies for women for any occasion. This variety provides a wide functionality of this wardrobe item:

    • Business and smart jump suit for a woman always looks spectacular and appropriate. And you will spend much less time choosing shoes and accessories to complete your look.

    • Overalls for outdoor activities or sports do not hinder movement, protect in any weather, and always look very stylish

    • Overalls for every day — this is the most interesting category for the casual style. Here you can find various combinations of fabrics and colors, decorative elements, and models for women: from womans stylish handmade gothic to urban modern onesie.

    • Home women’s jumpsuit made of silk, cotton, or velour is very cozy and pleasant to the body.

    • Stylish designer women’s jumpsuits for ladies are so easy to dress up or dress down.

    MDNT:45 — a Place Where You Can Find Women and Lady Fashion Stylish Jumpsuit Online

    If you are a creative person who does not accept restrictions, always stands out from the crowd, loves fashion, high-quality and unusual things. If you are looking for a fashion designer stylish post-apocalyptic jumpsuits for women online or looking where can buy an urban womens designer red jumpsuit, then the MDNT: 45 brand is what you need. We bring uncasual style into the lives of seekers and creatives worldwide to emphasize individuality at every moment. On our site, there is a huge assortment of clothes in which each person will feel in a special way. Fashion womens jumpsuits — a section where you will find a variety of models and choose what is close to you right now. We design clothes at the junction of several styles, including a stylish designer post-apocalyptic jumpsuit for women and ladies. Besides, all our items have great tailoring and are made of quality materials!

    We ship worldwide! So, if you live outside the USA, it's not a problem! You can order our clothes to Africa, South America, Canada, EU, Australia, Asia, etc. All necessary information about shipping costs, ways and terms of delivery you can find on our webpage. If you have any questions concerning sizing, product details, fabric and care, or other ones, you are always welcome to chat with our managers. We are always online and ready to help you! So, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Don't waste your time and start shopping online! It’s time to reveal the real you, so tease yourself with our top-quality handmade clothes!