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    16 products

    Black hooded coat
    MDNT45 Tops & T-shirts Men hooded shirt
    Men hooded shirt
    MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Man Urban hoodie
    Urban hoodie
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    Cyberpunk hooded top


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    Street Style Outfit for Men

    Mens street style clothing is a special kind of fashion. Street style outfits for men are rooted in the culture of surfers and skateboarders of the West coast of California. Later this type of clothing extended acquiring the elements of New York hip-hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and haute couture. Along with the other cultures that emerged from the masses the time of the foundation of urban street style clothing for men is hard to define. Street style for men’s clothing is constantly developing in regards to the style and creative aspects the same as the other street tendencies focusing on casual and informal clothing such as:

    • jeans;

    • T-shirts;

    • peaky caps;

    • jogging shoes or sneakers.

    Early brands of this type of outfit were inspired by the design of such subcultures as DIY, punks, the New Wave, heavy metal movement, and later hip-hop. Mens street outfits do not focus on contemporary fashion trends, they are based more on a person and one’s individualism. So, when you wear men's street clothing you demonstrate your unique identity by combining different intersecting styles and trends.

    Street Fashion Clothing for Men

    Mens street style clothes of such brands as Le Coq Sportif, Kangol, and Adidas in the early 1980s became to be popular driven by rappers. In 1984 Nike gained over Michael Jordan who had been with Adidas at that time and this fact turned Nike into dominating company for training shoe production. The other brands such as Champion, Timberland, and Carhartt also began to be associated with street style clothes for men due to rappers from the East Coast such as Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang Clan. In the middle and the end of the 1990s brands of professional sportswear made a great influence on mens walking clothing. For example, baseball caps and T-shirts with symbols of Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bulls were in great demand.

    When you decide to wear street clothes for men please keep in mind that it is a trend in a fashion that combines high and low, formal and informal in a single image. Emphasis is made on pragmatism and convenience. People may move from a gym to a shopping mall without changing their clothing. Sports images transformed into a street style where functionality is not the only important matter. Walking clothes for men had been becoming more and more versatile allowing people to look smartly wearing such type of clothing. The most popular examples of mens city streets clothing are hoodies, bomber jackets, joggers, leggings, and sneakers. The contemporary vogue of sportswear can be considered as a rebirth of the hip-hop style of the 1990s.

    Walking Clothing for Men

    MDNT:45 is a completely new brand that takes into consideration all modern tendencies selling mens street clothing online. This new brand is meant for those who are brave enough to reveal themselves without fear of disapproval. MDNT:45 claims its goal as a creation of the future world now, where the main value is a person with his/her happiness. As a result, a person’s cosmopolitism and intelligence are conveyed here with the help of a deconstruction of usual forms and usage of futuristic elements. The intersection of various styles such as minimalism, avant-garde, deconstruction with cyberpunk, and dark fashion elements create a sexy and grotesque image of a wearer who prefers to play by his own rules. MDNT:45 invites all to join the club! So, do not waste your time and enjoy shopping right now!