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    Men's Cardigan Jackets: Evolution from Workwear to a Must-have for any Aristocrat

    The first mention of a V-neck sweater dates back to the early 9th century. Something similar to the modern cardigan for a man was worn by fishermen of the northern seas because they had to work under the gusts of the icy wind. After 8 centuries, the prototype of cardigans for a man became the clothing of commoners. And this garment received its direct name “cardigan” in 1854 on behalf of General James Cardigan, who outfitted his soldiers for warfare in cold climates.

    Also, according to one of the versions, the reason for the invention was his excessive concern for his hairstyle. Putting a sweater over his head, the lord inflicted irreparable damage to the neatness of the styling — the buttons were a real godsend for him. James Cardigan was considered a real dandy among the European elite, so high-ranking people also gladly accepted the novelty into their wardrobe.

    Soon their popularity also touched aristocratic England. At that time, the knitting became not so large and the men’s designer cardigans did not look so massive and rough. They were knitted from expensive wool, which warmed up remarkably and looked good. Starting from European countries, this item of clothing has gained popularity all over the world. And, among other things, men’s open-front jacket or cardigan remains a constant element of the image of the Ivy League students.

    Aren't Sure You Need a Men's Fashion Cardigan in Your Wardrobe? This information Is for You

    Fashion stylish luxury mens cardigans have been and are worn by politicians and celebrities. They are dressed for work, for a friendly visit, and for a walk. American presidents, British lords, French prime ministers considered cardigans an integral part of their wardrobes. This piece is undeniably a classic. It will never go out of style. Famous couturiers delight fashion lovers from all over the world with variations of this piece for many years.

    • The cardigan is versatile. When unbuttoned, it looks a lot like a jacket, so your look won’t be too formal. The buttoned-up mens urban designer cardigans lend elegance and bring the whole look together. You can put it on under a sport-style jacket or on a shirt with a tie. Jeans and sneakers will do, as are classic trousers and shoes.

    • The cardigan is practical and functional. You can wear this sweater throughout any season. On cold autumn evenings, it will keep you warm, and in warmer months you can wear it unbuttoned. It is perfect for those who like layering in clothes. Besides, it has a lot of different interpretations for real dandies: from a gothic open jacket to a luxury fashion mens cardigan.

    Today, fashion designers do not stop using cardigans in their shows, demonstrating new items and their non-standard combinations. It should be noted that about 80% of all men’s collections contain at least one version of a cardigan. If you are looking where you can buy designer stylish urban cardigans for men online you are in the right place.

    MDNT:45: Your Cardigan Coat or Open Jacket for Men Online Boutique

    The MDNT:45 brand was founded by young designers and enthusiasts who wanted to create unusual clothes for creative and non-stereotyped people. Our brand’s philosophy is to maximize your individuality and openly demonstrate your strength, sexuality, and power. It is important to note that all garments are handcrafted as orders arrive. This fact does not in any way affect the delivery time since our brand employs many talented people who work from home or in their small ateliers. This approach to business provides the brand with the title of “sustainable”. Among other things, we use soft and touchable eco-fabric.

    So, where can you buy grunge cardigan jackets and coats for men? Right, at MDNT:45!

    Our brand’s website presents a wide variety of mens designer grunge cardigan jacket jumpers: here you can buy a casual gothic jumper, as well as more stylish open jackets for men. You can choose and order online several design options and choose the one that best suits your style and mood. Enjoy high-quality online shopping at MDNT:45.