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    Man Raincoats: a Casual Invention that has Become a Must-have for Every Man’s Wardrobe

    The first raincoats appeared in Europe in prehistoric times, when a hunter, returning home with a killed mammoth, threw his skin over his wife’s shoulders. And until the beginning of the 19th century, raincoats, designed to protect a person from bad weather, were similar to this ancient cape: they protected from snow and sunlight but were useless in the rain.

    Everything changed in 1822, when a chemist Charles Mackintosh, conducting another experiment in his laboratory, stained the sleeve of his jacket with rubber. As luck would have it, it started raining outside and he noticed that all his clothes were soaked through...except for a piece of fabric stained with rubber. Then the Scotsman soaked the top layer of clothing completely with this solution and a year later received a patent for the resulting material, from which men's raincoats, named after him — macintosh, began to be sewn.

    But the very first tests in strong rainy weather showed that mans raincoat is unreliable: water penetrated through the seams under them. Charles had to urgently finalize his invention, and he developed a unique technology for sealing seams. And only then did the men's raincoat become really waterproof.

    From Fisherman Workwear to Modern Mens Fashion Designer Raincoat

    Today, designer stylish mens raincoats are in the collections of many eminent fashion gurus: transparent PVC, stylized as a good old Mac, and even two-layer ones — with a warm liner for winter bad weather. In England, stylish designer raincoats for men can be bought in almost any store, and in Japan, they are sold in vending machines, like coffee.

    Men's designer raincoats are thought out to the smallest detail. Modern fabrics nowadays are not only waterproof but also allow the body to breathe and perfectly protect from the wind. Rain pockets close on the outside, in such a way they keep the rain out. All matching raincoats have pass-through pockets. These pockets help you carry your coat buttoned or unbuttoned, but you always have access to your passport, wallet, etc.

    Designer men raincoat came into fashion many years ago, and are not going to go out of it. Lots of brands offer different variations on this classic, and the price for men branded raincoat makes it affordable for just about everyone.

    If you don’t like shopping but love unique and unusual things, we know where you can buy online a stylish raincoat for men.

    MDNT:45 a Perfect Online Shopping Space for Men Branded Raincoats

    If you are a creative, free person who follows the world of fashion, and is not afraid of daring experiments, then the MDNT:45 brand is simply created for you. Clothes from MDNT:45 are not just fabrics sewn together, they are whole designs with obvious futuristic elements that are designed to convey the wearer’s cosmopolitanism and intelligence without drawing too much attention away from him/her. The brand designs clothes at the junction of several styles: avant-garde, minimalism, deconstruction with cyberpunk, and dark fashion elements. The influences of these styles also reflect on our stylish mens raincoat for our clients.

    In the MDNT:45 online store, you can buy a truly stylish man raincoat. High-quality materials, full protection from rainy and windy weather, and stylish design will make this item the king of your wardrobe. On our site, you can see the price for men raincoats and buy online the model you like in the right size. You can also order several options and keep the one that best reflects your personality.

    Raincoat for men from MDNT:45 brand — experience a truly unique online shopping!