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    10 products

    10 products

    MDNT45 Higure jumpsuit
    Higure jumpsuit
    MDNT45 Frisky top
    Frisky top
    MDNT45 Satellite jumpsuit
    Satellite jumpsuit
    MDNT45 Jiggish pants
    Jiggish pants
    MDNT45 Alas cardigan
    Alas cardigan
    MDNT45 Doan bolero
    Doan bolero
    MDNT45 Kan corset
    Kan corset
    MDNT45 Hebi leggings
    Hebi leggings
    MDNT45 Baem top
    Baem top
    MDNT45 Nyore top
    Nyore top

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    Capsule Wardrobe: Now and Then

    Capsule wardrobe — this term first appeared thanks to Susie Faux, who in the 70s owned the London Wardrobe boutique. The woman believed that the capsule collection should consist of basic garments which will surely never go out of style, such as skirts, trousers, and jackets that can be complemented then with trendy seasonal items.

    This idea was popularized by Donna Karan, an American designer, who in 1985 released an impressive 7 Easy Pieces capsule collection that consisted of seven interchangeable office wear.

    Another distinctive feature of capsule collections is that they are almost always created in collaboration. It can be a brand and a famous designer, a brand and a musician, a brand and another brand. The first capsule collection-collaboration appeared half a century ago when the French company La Redoute began cooperation with the eminent designer Emmanuel Kahn — the result of this collaboration was 32 new garments in the La Redoute catalog, united by a common style. Capsule collections became even more popular in 2004 when the Swedish brand H& M created a capsule collection with legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld.

    Wardrobe with the Smart and Stylish Springs to Winter Clothing

    Often, the capsule wardrobe is also referred to as a “smart” or “functional” wardrobe. According to statistics, fashionistas most often pay attention to springs capsule clothes, since this is the most convenient and stylish option for getting out of the winter season, which can be also used in summer. With the advent of an online spring clothing store for women and women’s spring clothing catalogs, shopping has become even easier, as the fashionable spring capsule collection can now be purchased with just a few clicks.

    What other advantages of women's stylish spring capsule clothes shopping online are worth mentioning?

    • Few things — many looks. A total of 6-12 items of clothing can make up to 30-40 different looks!

    • Saving money, time, and effort. Fewer things, more looks, less shopping. Also, the idea of a proper woman spring capsule clothing site with a catalog excludes spontaneous purchases, since a list of clothes is drawn up in advance.

    • You are always stylishly and tastefully dressed. There is no need to spend hours spinning in front of the mirror and picking up a blouse to a skirt. Everything has already been thought out, and the elements of the capsule are harmoniously combined with each other.

    If you are looking where to shop spring fashion clothes for women online we recommend a new uncasual brand with unique handmade pieces.

    MDNT:45 — Your Online Space to Shop Intellectual Women's Spring Clothing

    MDNT:45 — a young brand that was created for charismatic personalities who do not accept restrictions and are used to play by their own rules. In our clothes every person can express his or her personality — unique, unusual, bright, sexy, independent, different from others. By deconstructing usual forms and adding futuristic elements, MDNT:45 conveys the wearer’s cosmopolitanism and intelligence without drawing too much attention away from him/her.

    In our online store you can also buy clothes for the spring season. Among other womens spring clothing webpages, our website offers themed capsule collections based on your style: sporty, sophisticated, sexy, gothic, etc. We offer you to play by your own rules and create your ideal and one of a kind womens spring designer clothes shopping list. Be creative, be different and enjoy our top-quality pieces!