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23 products

MDNT45 Women's Bottoms Garter leggings
Garter leggings
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Woman Unisex hooded cloak
Women's hooded cloak
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Woman Khaki Hooded Jacket
Khaki Hooded Jacket
MDNT45 Sweaters, Tunics & Tops Women Hooded Shirt
Women Hooded Shirt
MDNT45 Dresses Black party dress
Black party dress
MDNT45 Sweaters, Tunics & Tops Black gothic jumper
Black gothic jumper


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Street-Style Outfits for Women — Feel Both Comfortable and Strong

A close link between street style and fashion business defined the 20th century. Authenticity and desire to convey some significant aims are connected with the initial foundations of the street styling phenomena. In the mid-20th century, the development of the street style was different from the more recent developments of any well-known style. They differ mostly in the way ladies buy an outfit for women and understand fashion when it comes to street style in general.

Street styles have grown into a major section of the mass fashion industry from a widespread social practice embraced by certain societal groupings. It has been a very protracted process and enormous social, cultural, and economic changes have taken place. The turmoil following World War II affected the general development of popular culture. It was a time when individuals sought to modify the common style that they knew. Different groups with a distinct style: hippies, punks, goths, or bikers occurred as a result.

Basic Characteristics of Street-Style Outfits for Ladies

The “street” approach to style and fashion is frequently founded not on actual fashion trends, but on individuality. Using means of street style, people show their numerous, negotiated identities aside from the use of subcultural styles and overlapping mainstream trends. This is a performance by itself since it offers a place to explore identities via the clothing act.

Street style is a trend that has revolutionized numerous ways in which fashion has been produced and consumed with incredible virality instantaneously. Its rapid feature also connects it with the phrase “consumerism”. Given how trends vary over time, the usage of “rapid fashion” in connection to the purchase and use of clothes raises difficulties, since this masks the complexity of the practice itself.

Nevertheless, generally speaking, ladies’ city street style is all about athletic gear influenced, edgy, stylish, and charismatic outdoor clothing for walking. Street style looks comfortable yet has the capacity to declare and emphasize one’s strong individuality. Street-style clothes are urban and modern. They reflect the city mode most of the time. There are no rules and restrictions when it comes to this particular type of fashion style.

Womens Street-Style Clothes for Walking — Buy Clothing Online in Our Brand Store

You might wonder what online shop or outlet in the USA offers women's street-style clothes for walking — urban grunge city streets wear clothing for women that you are looking for can be found online on our website. Among various street-style clothing websites and brands, MDNT:45 is the one you can rely on. MDNT:45 envisions a world where creative and courageous individuals are able to freely express their true colors through fashion. Street style is all about one’s individuality. Its history reflects a strong desire of people to create and celebrate something new in fashion. It has emerged on the streets and it has no restrictions. MDNT:45 as well welcomes all new and uncertain. Our brand calls people to create and follow their own rules instead of following the conventional, traditional, common, and socially accepted without causing provocation.

The name of our brand stands for “Midnight”. It’s a time of uncertainty and unknown. Thus individuals who are willing to step into that threshold can be assured of having a common ground with the brand’s vision and goals. It’s the time to reveal your true colors and nature. Don’t be afraid to feel and be strong, independent, confident, and charismatic with MDNT:45’s street-style walking clothing for ladies.

MDNT:45 makes designer handmade clothes with handpicked garments through deconstructed pieces. MDNT:45 values every individual and her true happiness. Hence, the end goal is creating a world where everyone embraces the truly unique and peculiar character of herself and respects others’ individual colors. Without any distractions, with street-style clothing pieces from MDNT:45, you will be able to stand out among the crowd. Our brand designs clothing on the verge of various styles, such as avant-garde, deconstructed cyberpunk, dark fashion, and minimalism. Hence, on our website, you will find ladies outdoor walking clothes that are suitable for city streets (urban looking and modern), stylish, and comfortable simultaneously. Enjoy your online shopping by checking out the Women’s City Streets Clothing line in our brand store from the convenience of your home no matter where you are now.