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19 products

19 products

MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Woman Unisex hooded cloak
Women's hooded cloak
MDNT45 Women's Bottoms Black midi skirt
Black midi skirt
MDNT45 Women's Bottoms Garter leggings
Garter leggings
Lacing corset
MDNT45 Gloves Yukanna
Gloves Yukanna



MDNT45 Black hooded dress
Black hooded dress
MDNT45 Satellite jumpsuit
Satellite jumpsuit



MDNT45 Sweaters, Tunics & Tops Black turtleneck top
Black turtleneck top
MDNT45 Coats & Jackets for Woman Khaki Hooded Jacket
Khaki Hooded Jacket
MDNT45 Dresses T-shirt mini dress
T-shirt mini dress
Verum Jacket
MDNT45 Bolero Aales
Bolero Aales

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It’s awesome to observe how various historical events have impacted people’s manner of dressing and changing over time. Some of the most popular styles are timeless, time-testing, and seldom “fall off style”, with only minor trends being changed. Other articles of apparel can be termed ’fads’, which are fashionable just for a brief season and never again. Some fashion trends are generally linked to social status or cultural preferences such as the sort of music a person loves and are subject to specific groups of individuals or cliques’ choices. The mode can also be impacted by global events like war and economics. For example, just a limited amount of fabric was permitted in World War II so that individuals were compelled to produce basic equipment that was practically sufficient for wartime tasks. Popular modes have mirrored the moods of every decade from the 1920s through the 1990s and have displayed social changes, while the best womans clothes and accessories have developed with time.

Some Evolutionary Changes that Occurred in Women’s Fashion — View the Best Clothing Catalogues

With disco fading and metal rising, there was a new dramatic esthetic shift in fashion during the 1980s. The decade contrasted sharply with the open designs and colorful flowers of the preceding decades, bringing black leather coats, generally laid atop a band T-shirt. In 1986, for example, Madonna produced a video for “Papa Don’t Preach”, which was pushed into the public with punk and leather jackets. If you are looking for the best women’s online clothing store which offers a catalog with modern grunge, gothic, or punk designer outdoor clothes for stylish women, you can rely on the MDNT:45 brand. We offer the best unique deconstructed designer womans clothing that is not provocative. However, it goes beyond the conventional and helps creative individuals to express themselves.

Another example we can consider is the 1980s, which embraced a period of a huge number of women from a new generation of workers. This approach created a tendency known as power dressing, namely ladies who adopt male styles on a classical professional look in a feminine interpretation. Shoulder pads were a major component of the power dressing, commonly used in nearly all blazer styles. This was a major evolutionary shift that brought us the modern clothing lines. Hence, if you are looking for the best modern clothing brands for a woman, check MDNT:45 out. You may ask, now, why MDNT:45?

MDNT:45 — the Best Online Urban Brand Clothing Store for Young Women

The fashion industry is constantly expanding. There are so many brands specializing in different styles, ranging from casual to grunge. Although this may seem to make our lives easier, there is a downside we need to pay attention to. With the expanding market, most online and offline stores are losing the theme of individuality. Even the best clothes for a woman are becoming similar and basic.

However, one cannot deny that fashion is art and we have to love it. This is because fashion is a great and easy tool to make one whatever one wants to be. Depending on your mood, where you want to go, or what you would like to say that particular day, you can construct some type of persona. You can simply alter your wardrobe or the way each component appears if you wish to. In contrast to a sculpture or any other type of art, you can not only handpick the items you wish for but, also, construct them individually and change their appearance by modifying or adding additional features like buttons, ribbons, patches, or other embellishments. Hence, it is important to find the best womens outdoor clothing line to shop for.

If you value the creative and inspiring ideas behind clothing lines and want to express your individual sense of style, you can shop online at Whether you are in Australia, Canada, or the USA, you can shop for the best stylish, modern, and urban women’s clothes made with love from the convenience of your home. MDNT:45’s womens clothing lines and catalogs differ, which presents you with a variety to choose from, so on this site, you can find the best gothic, punk, and urban clothes for young women online. Our online clothing store ships worldwide, so women from Canada, Australia, EU, Africa, and other parts of the world can go shopping for the best brand name womens clothes on our website and receive their items within several days.