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    Urban and Futuristic Women Bottoms

    Stylish urban pants and skirts always have a special place in women’s wardrobes. However, not all models can be considered universal. There are options for the bottom line clothing for women that can be worn comfortably every day, and there are things for special occasions. A wide range of futuristic pants, skirts, jumpsuits, leggings, shorts allows you to choose the right option according to your own tastes, style, and form: wide or narrow, extremely long or shortened, urban or futuristic.

    Designers always add new special elements to women’s bottom wear. However, this is not about chasing the latest fashion trends, bright flashy prints, or massive patch pockets that you can see on military-style pants. Such elements contradict the calm and confident balance of intellectuals, people of creative professions, those who like to look different from everyone, but at the same time not to attract too much attention.

    Women’s palazzo or sail pants will be a great replacement for skinny pants. These variants of clothes bottoms harmoniously fit the thighs and calves, significantly add sexuality as well as independence to the image. Unlike skirts, women’s pants of intellectual and futuristic style are also very practical things. They are much more convenient and comfortable. Women who wear pants often have strong characters, deep convictions and do not allow others to put pressure on themselves.

    Asymmetrical Style and Deep Cuts

    Black color continues to dominate in the latest models of women’s skirts, pants, jumpsuits, shorts. Unique leather skirts, complemented by comfortable fasteners and long belts, will look concise and original. Patent and shiny leather, deep cuts on the side or in the center perfectly decorate not only medium-length skirts but also longer ones. The cuts add a spicy accent, emphasize the graceful female legs, slender figure, and the asymmetrical cut assures a brave extraordinary look.

    Outrageous and bright trousers with prints are things of the past, today plain and appropriate leather looks stylish, as well as tight-fitting pants. Deconstructed silhouettes, different trendy elements emphasize that these clothes are for self-sufficient people who have their own views, purposeful nature and emphasize their own uniqueness and sexuality, without chasing trends and mainstream.

    A New Approach to Creating Clothes for Charismatic People

    The dynamics and richness of urban life require a new approach to creating clothes for people with charisma, creativity, extraordinary views, great goals. The new brand clothing store MDNT:45 offers to buy a unique bottom for women: our company produces different clothes that meet the expectations of creative individuals, among which are women’s skirts, pants, jumpsuits, shorts, and other kinds of bottoms. Clothing emphasizes sexuality and, at the same time, focuses on the creative and intellectual sense of the image due to laconic urban motifs.

    This clothing not only helps to express one’s own image and personality traits, but it is also designed to become a harmonious constant addition to the look of people with a deep inner world who love the cosmopolitan style, futuristic and post-apocalyptic elements in clothing. These are individuals who:


    • live in megacities and are active in society;
    • actively travel, like to attend various cultural and artistic events;
    • follow modern trends, but try to create their own style;
    • place a strong emphasis on their own sexuality and uniqueness;
    • are engaged in creativity: musicians, video bloggers, IT specialists, designers, etc;
    • appreciate quality original clothes, which emphasize their independence.

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