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    26 products

    26 products

    MDNT45 Asymmetric Dress
    Asymmetric Dress
    MDNT45 Kaze Dress Black
    Kaze Dress Black
    MDNT45 Black women dress Skia
    Black women dress Skia
    MDNT45 Black Allure dress
    Black Allure dress
    MDNT45 Dresses Yokaze Dress
    Yokaze Dress
    MDNT45 Dresses Gray geometric dress
    Gray geometric dress


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    Women’s Spring and Summer Dresses — Effortless Yet Unique

    Women’s summer and spring dresses are typically lightweight, made of cotton, loose-fitting as a rule, intended for use during warm weather. Generally, such type of cloth is sleeveless, lightweight, bodice-style, has a broad neckline, as well as shoulder straps. As a rule, no one wears a sundress with the top of the layer, normally without any T-shirt, or blouse underneath. The phrase “sundress” appeared in the ’40s to describe women’s spring and summer dresses, although it was in fact revived and promoted by Lilly Pulitzer, notably in the ’60s.

    Lilly Pulitzer and her spouse relocated to Florida. Surrounded by orchards of delicious oranges from Florida, they opened a stand for juice. However, everybody knows what can happen when you have too many glasses of juice: spills. Lilly, therefore, designed a summer dress inspired by the beauty around her to cover up these stains from her previous white clothes. It hid the spots and looked stylish.

    It is, moreover, known that, in 1952, Carolyn Schnurer designed lighting dresses aimed at young energetic ladies, which were fussy, needed minimum basic clothing, and could be worn on several occasions. In Schnurer’s designs, which are particularly well known for their culturally influenced resort collections, Schnurer usually included one or two unassuming theme elements with a classic American figure in the cut or fabric.

    Several Aspects of Women's Spring and Summer Modern Designer Dresses

    The women’s spring and summer dresses have a more comfortable feminine style than a skirt and blouse, or other kinds of clothing. They can range from short to full length from any neckline or hemline. Usually, dresses are sleeved and come with a broad collar and as we've mentioned thin shoulder straps. Such dresses can utilize a wide range of forms of locking, among them are back zips, front (back) buttons, side zippers, as well as other styles of locking. They can be also clamped or fastened on and pulled up from beneath or slid over the head.

    Whether popular brands are using the 1950s polka dot pattern, the 1960s brilliant white-glove colors, the 1970s disk designs, the 1980s bow-super-sized dresses, 1990’s babydoll designer dress for a woman, or the 2000s “mash-ups” kind of patterns and designs on women’s spring and summer stylish dresses, there’s one thing that’s certain: womens luxury dresses are essential! And each containing much more individuality than we can acknowledge.

    The Brand You Can Trust — MDNT:45

    In fact you are wondering where to find the best women’s dress for a spring (summer) season, then MDNT:45 is the right place to look for. A woman’s summer dress is self-contained, minimal, light, and is an outfit in itself. Although it seems to be an easy piece of clothing to find due to its effortlessness, it is, in fact, usually challenging to purchase an effortless yet unique summer or spring dress. MDNT:45 is the brand that helps creative and free-spirited individuals to express themselves by going beyond the conventional and traditional norms. This brand envisions a community of people whose creative and free approach to life pushes them to dress in a unique, interesting, and even futuristic style. If you associate yourself with minimalist, avant-garde, gothic, or grunge style that looks natural and put together and, at the same time, is not provocative, then trusting MDNT:45 with your luxury spring or summer dress for a woman will be the right decision. Hence, ladies who look for a summer or spring dress that is uncasual, modern, sustainable, and stylish while very weightless, effortless, and minimal, can find the best light handmade gothic dresses for women on